UFC fighters may engage in intense, physical, and sometimes brutal martial arts chess matches with each other, yet often show great sportsmanship when the contest is complete. Hugs, bows and praise from each participant usually follow each bout as UFC fights often come to an end.

Max Holloway’s right hand on Gaethje, sending him sprawling onto the canvas with one second remaining, was truly astounding – another spectacular performance by one of MMA’s dynamic athletes that left everyone gasping with admiration and amazement. MMA continues to dazzle audiences around the world!


The Ultimate Fighting Championship, commonly referred to as UFC, is the premier mixed martial arts (MMA) tournament. A no-holds barred contest between fighters from different disciplines to determine who has the most effective style, this sport has quickly grown in popularity over recent years and attracted fans all around the globe.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship began in 1993 when Art Davie and Brazilian jiu-jitsu master Rorion Gracie joined forces to form an MMA tournament. Karate, boxing, and sumo practitioners took part in its inaugural event; with Royce Gracie emerging victorious once more.

The UFC gained increased momentum as more rules and regulations were added to its fights, such as adding gloves for fights and banning groin shots and head butts. Furthermore, it expanded internationally, reaching new audiences through expansion deals to other countries, and signed a major television deal which brought its fights directly into millions of living rooms around the globe.


UFC fighters must adhere to a set of rules designed to safeguard both themselves and their opponents, which are enforced by referees and consist of several safety measures like banning knee strikes to the head to protect a downed opponent and prohibiting performance-enhancing drugs during competition.

Fights are scored using a 10-point system used by judges to decide the winner of each round. Fighters are scored according to five categories – striking, effective grappling, aggression and cage control (commonly known as Octagon control).

Athletes must weigh-in before their fights and must make weight to stay in. A one-pound allowance may be granted during non-title bouts while title bouts require them to come within half a pound of their division’s limit for title fights. Also prohibited during fights are long pants or gis.

Streaming options

Many MMA fans opt for streaming services as an economical alternative to cable or satellite subscriptions, offering high-quality viewing. Unfortunately, streaming options have their own set of drawbacks; such as poor video performance and pop-up windows; they may even lead to data throttling – when an Internet service provider reduces quality in order to limit bandwidth use.

UFC fans in America can gain access to UFC events through ESPN+ subscription. You can subscribe either standalone or as part of Hulu’s Disney trio bundle subscription option.

fuboTV is an affordable alternative for UFC fans looking for cable-free viewing options, offering ESPN+ among 260 channels and offering various packages tailored specifically to each person’s budget. In addition to UFC content, fuboTV also features college basketball games (La Liga/Ligue 1) as well as tennis matches.


Pay-per-view (PPV) streaming is an increasingly popular method for video publishers to monetize content. PPV gives viewers access to premium video content on a per-use basis without incurring add-on charges and lengthy contracts, unlike subscription-based services which limit experimentation with pricing models and content offerings.

PPV streaming can be accessed across various devices, such as smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. It is compatible with major streaming platforms, including Apple TV, Sling TV, Fubo, Hulu Plus Live TV ESPN+ Vidgo among others.

Although UFC events can be expensive to watch on pay-per-view (PPV), fight fans are willing to spend money in order to watch their favorite fighters compete. To help reduce costs, many fight fans purchase group events together, which helps decrease ticket prices significantly. You could also try finding a sports bar near you that offers pay-per-view UFC fights; this would be the ideal way to watch without going broke.