UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship and features athletes competing in mixed martial arts competition. Each fight comprises three rounds that last five minutes each and fights must end by either knockout or submission to win; striking or grappling techniques may also score points while biting, eye gouging and hair pulling must be avoided by fighters to score any points at all.

The UFC began as an exhibition of various fighting arts practitioners facing off. Over time, its rules have been amended to make the competition more exciting and accessible to spectators.

It is a combat sport

UFC fights are full-contact martial arts competitions showcasing some of the world’s best fighters across a range of fighting styles – boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai and wrestling – fighting for UFC titles and often ending in powerful technical knockouts or lethal submission finishes.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship offers various divisions for men and women, each one comprising various weight classes. While certain divisions may be more popular than others, each provides talented fighters an invaluable chance to refine their craft.

As opposed to WWE, which provides scripted sports entertainment, UFC offers real combat sports featuring real fights in an octagon. This allows fighters to demonstrate both their physical and mental strength; however, injuries do occasionally arise; furthermore, UFC has come under scrutiny for giving novice fighters such as Conor McGregor an opportunity to compete for its titles, even though he only competed once in its MMA division.

It is a pay-per-view event

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is one of the most acclaimed pay-per-view events in combat sports, and each fight lasts three to five rounds, depending on weight class. Fighting styles consist of striking, grappling and submission wrestling techniques as fighters try to gain advantage by attacking and avoiding counterattacks; should a match end in a tie then the winner will be determined by submission style of one of the fighters involved.

Early Ultimate Fighting Championship tournaments had few rules and featured aggressive, no-holds barred fights with low blows and head butts being commonplace – a drawcard of sorts for new sport UFC. Brazilian fighting legends the Gracie family were well represented during these early tournaments, helping bring UFC into mainstream media coverage as their victories propelled it onto major pay-per-view venues. UFC also introduced gloves and weight classes, which made the sport more fan friendly while star fighters such as Ronda Rousey captured audiences with her fast finishes!

It is a mixed martial arts organization

UFC has quickly become one of the world’s premier fight organizations, featuring some of the finest mixed martial arts athletes in existence. Each fighter dedicates their life and career towards honing their craft for competition in an octagon setting – often producing stunning knockouts and technical submissions that leave spectators mesmerized and revenue skyrocketing as a result of UFC success.

Initial UFC competition pitted various martial arts styles against each other, with fights taking place over three five-minute rounds and using all forms of combat except eye gouging or biting; its first champion, Royce Gracie used his jiu-jitsu skills to subdue opponents.

The UFC quickly gained mainstream appeal through television deals with Fox. Their show The Ultimate Fighter brought mixed martial arts (MMA) to millions of viewers at home while simultaneously introducing many new fighters. Furthermore, by purchasing other promotions such as Strikeforce which provided access to an enormous audience.

It is a reality television show

The Ultimate Fighter was the show that gave mixed martial arts its reality television identity, helping introduce it to cable viewers while creating new superstars of MMA. It featured iconic fights – one was even voted “best ever” – as well as many future superstars such as Forrest Griffin, Stephan Bonnar and Josh Koscheck.

The Ultimate Fighter remains one of the flagship shows in mixed martial arts (MMA) and it provides young fighters a route into UFC contracts. White’s vision to expand this franchise internationally and host an international TUF would be monumental for MMA. Unlike WWE which features scripted entertainment fights, UFC features real fights decided solely on actual performance inside an octagon making for much more realistic and engaging sports experiences.