Sunset Center

The Sunset Center in Carmel by the Sea

The 718-seat venue stands out among Monterey Peninsula venues with its striking Gothic architecture and incredible acoustics, making it one of the premier places to experience live performance in Monterey Peninsula. Modern dance, rock shows, comedians are all regular visitors at this hub of entertainment; truly an oasis of fun in its own right!

Carmel-by-the-Sea is home to several important cultural institutions, including the Marjorie Evans Gallery which promotes art education as well as its annual Carmel Bach Festival – now in its 66th edition!

Carmel By The Sea Location History

Carmel by the Sea on Monterey Peninsula is an idyllic village filled with fairytale cottages and art galleries, each offering their own charm. Gates, fences or houses may beckon you inside; with such an atmospheric and delightful environment for relaxation it provides the ideal place for visitors.

Carmel-by-the-Sea has an artistic legacy dating back to the turn of the 20th century when an array of Bohemian figures brought their flair to the village, creating many iconic landmarks such as Forest Theater, Golden Bough Playhouse and Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo. Over time it became a retreat for artists and writers seeking peace, quiet and inspiration – many flocked here.

Today, Carmel-by-the-Sea remains an inspiration to residents and visitors alike. Packed full of restaurants, wine tasting rooms, shops and an innovative performing arts center – not to mention dog-friendly hotels, restaurants and shops where your furry companion can accompany you – Carmel continues to inspire both residents and visitors.

As well as exploring public art pieces and museums, 17-Mile Drive, Seal Rock and Bird Rock offer plenty of places to explore in town. Additionally, several beaches provide opportunities for spotting migrating gray whales between December and May.

Jimmy Lyons Summer Series

In 1956, jazz fans packed a theater for three months of concerts that ran June through August in which there was great experimentation and improvisation within jazz music, which was still evolving into its current form.

Even during his short leadership period, Lyons made significant contributions to avant-garde music both modal and free settings. Jan Strom compiled and released this five-disc box set on Ayler Records in 2003 which presents Lyons’ music in one cohesive whole that while not definitive serves as an appropriate tribute to an influential visionary who was often ignored during his life time.

The first disc chronicles Lyons’ trio concert from late 1974 at Keystone Corner in New York – which Ed Hazell compares to Geno’s Empty Foxhole – where Lyons performed alongside Hayes Burnett and Henry Letcher. The sound quality is excellent; Lyons exchanges dialogue with trumpeter Raphe Malik while recalling their time spent playing together under Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry respectively in their respective genres.

The trio move nimbly through a metrically swinging theme before shifting gears into more modal territory on “Good News Blues.” Here, Lyons sounds especially expressive as he races through lithesome lattices of notes while Malik alternates staccato bursts with longer lyrical arcs. Finally, on “Shakin’ Back” they come back into humor-rich surroundings for one last tune featuring Lyons’s comedic delivery of an overarching theme by Lyons himself!

Carmel Bach Festival

The Carmel Bach Festival draws music enthusiasts from around the world to Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey, and Pebble Beach, California since 1935. Featuring concerts, recitals, master classes and lectures – many taking place at churches or theaters but some also taking place at Sunset Center – it provides accessible access to Bach and his successors with various ticket prices to suit everyone.

The centerpiece of the program is the Main Concert Series, which showcases Bach and composers he influenced. Additionally, various venues and schedules throughout the two-week festival host concerts that explore both vocal and instrumental soloists; chamber concerts feature both vocalists and instrumental soloists for performances featuring both vocal and instrumental soloists; with chamber concerts ending the two-week festival on a celebratory note and closing night celebration of all musicians as well as audience favorites who participated over its course.

The 2021 Carmel Bach Festival offers music lovers an excellent opportunity to come together and witness electrifying performances by top artists. Set to run from October 23 – November 5 2021, it promises an array of musical genres sure to please music enthusiasts worldwide.

The Sunset Auditorium

The Sunset Auditorium’s 718 seats and stunning Gothic architecture make it the center of world-class entertainment in Carmel by the Sea. This versatile venue hosts opera, comedy, musicals and rock shows as well as being home to Monterey Symphony, Chamber Music Monterey Bay and Carmel Bach Festival presentations.

Sunset Center hosts some of the top touring artists. View their list of upcoming concerts and make sure that tickets for your favorite musicians don’t sell out before booking tickets for them!

Beyond its world-class performances, this venue is committed to strengthening their local communities through education and outreach programs, including workshops and master classes offered to aspiring artists by established professionals. These programs foster talent development while simultaneously creating a deep appreciation of art amongst patrons.

The Carmel-by-the-Sea Theater is located on a tranquil street in its vibrant downtown, approximately 15 minutes drive from Monterey. Surrounding restaurants and bars offer delicious meals before or after your show; for something different visit Cannery Row district nearby which boasts fine seafood dining establishments as well as boutique shops.