As minor league baseball left Savannah in 2015, Grayson Stadium became vacant. Now home of The Bananas–professional players specializing in “banana ball,” an approach created by team owner Jesse Cole that emphasizes entertainment and rapid pace of play.

One of the Bananas’ most beloved games involves a scavenger hunt, in which fans divide into teams and race to locate on the field a number that corresponds with an item on a scoreboard list. The winning team typically wins food or gear prizes as well as getting to watch one of their zany entourage members perform stunts including dancing base coaches and umpires, pitchers on stilts, or hitters wielding fiery bats!

Rules designed to keep games moving include a two-hour time limit and prohibition of bunting, which can slow the pace. One particularly unusual rule states that batters who step out of their batter’s box between pitches will be ejected from the game; additionally, a running clock ensures games stay within three innings per contest.

The Bananas aim to restore fun to baseball, and they certainly accomplish that feat. Their social media following has grown immensely and all their home games this season sold out completely – leading to inquiries from major-league teams looking forward to welcoming them when their world tour commences in 2023.

But this marketing campaign goes deeper. Each player in the Bananas franchise embodies genuine joy at being part of it; each knows exactly how to read their audience and perform entertaining acts ranging from acrobatics to musical numbers.

How Do the Bananas Develop Stunts? It is no mystery: Cole’s wife Emily serves as his Executive Director and manages an active Promotion Department consisting of four videographers and four social media specialists. Additionally, Zack Frongillo serves as their Lead Writer/Content Creator who plays an instrumental role in devising hijinks; their motto being: Fans First – Entertainment Always which shines through in their work!