Savannah Bananas follow this motto when leading their minor league team: fans first, entertain always.” Their games have become so beloved that fans travel from Melbourne Australia just to attend them! Singing and dancing are constant features at these games; in fact, their yellow tuxedo-clad ringleader makes sure the show starts even before ballpark gates open!

After minor league baseball left Savannah in 2015, Bananas owner Jerry Cole quickly made plans to transform Savannah Stadium into an arena dedicated to entertainment – and it has paid dividends: attendance has steadily grown each season – this year reaching more than 25,000!

At a baseball game, there are always surprises! While certain constants remain — cheering, dancing and goofiness — every game brings something new: whether it be the first time one of your teammates performs a backflip on the mound, an outfielder handstand walks to their at-bat or even just an opposing pitcher sending a friendly wave toward an opposing catcher before throwing them out at first base; or an infielder turning a routine fielding error into an entertaining behind-the-back juggling catch – each game brings something different!

To enhance the games, a team of full-time marketing and content specialists work tirelessly on new ideas for game enhancement. In addition, these specialists plan and schedule stunts down to the minute – even though some ideas might seem silly or embarrassing at first, Bananas leadership are unafraid of trying them all!

Former major league baseball players often join the Bananas for one inning during games; though these cameos are unannounced beforehand. Cole says retired MLB players regularly reach out to him asking to join. A certain vibe must exist within the Bananas before becoming part of its ranks – only once have they approached him about joining which was too “out there.”

Apart from their special guest stars, the Bananas boast a roster filled with quirky characters. Maceo is known as the dancing first base coach while line dancing grandmothers form part of their roster; their personalities add zest to every play on the field!

Formula has proven so successful for the Bananas that they now host regular “bananaball” games between members of their organization and members from opposing teams. Cole noted he’s received inquiries from other teams who want Banana Ball brought into their stadiums.

Fans who have attended Bananas games say their experience can’t be replicated anywhere else. Larissa Gaccione of Las Vegas traveled from California with friends to watch a recent game, wearing matching banana-printed shirts to cheer for them live – they had followed them on TikTok and were excited to witness them live! As Larissa puts it: “Dances, entertainment and family-friendly environments like this are truly exceptional things to experience!”