Savannah Bananas

Grayson Stadium lies just a short drive away from Savannah’s charming old brick buildings and Spanish moss-draped oaks in Georgia, where baseball team The Savannah Bananas have taken the world by storm by selling out arenas worldwide and adding exciting new twists into an age-old game. Not the Red Sox or Yankees — instead it is these exhibition players making waves through their unorthodox approach to America’s pastime.

Jesse Cole, the team’s yellow-tuxedo wearing owner, has dedicated his efforts towards building an enjoyable squad and changing perceptions about professional baseball. While its popularity remains at an all-time high, these Bananas have brought joy to many baseball fans across America and around the globe.

The Bananas initially played in the Coastal Plain League (CPL), an organized summer collegiate league which spans across Georgia and Carolinas. But outside of CPL seasons they began experimenting with changes to rules such as changing bunt rules, banning walks altogether, and permitting first base stealing; as a result this spawned their own version of baseball they called Banana Ball.

Now, the Bananas take part in multiple Banana Ball matches annually both locally and across the country. While their primary rival team is Party Animals, they’ve held exhibition games against professional teams such as Kansas City Monarchs and Tampa Bay Rays as well.

Although Banana Ball can be difficult to define precisely, Cole insists all decisions made by his staff and players have one common element – fans come first! Even if something appears unfair on the field, fans can request a review by throwing up confetti from their seats – something which has happened numerous times at recent Bananas games.

Before each Bananas game begins, dancers, mascots and other characters parade out onto the field wearing costumes ranging from banana to shark suits – then one lucky young Bananas fan from among the crowd is led onto the field for a special ceremony.

Starting with backflip catches in center field to barehanded snags at hot corner, Banana Ball players witnessed everything from backflip catches in center field and backhanded catches at hot corner. From breakdancing first base coaches and dad bod cheerleaders to breakdancing first base coaches and breakdancing first base coach–if something needed sharing on TikTok it will happen quickly and effortlessly. And who knows? Big-league teams might take note, adopting some of its quirky elements into their ballparks — making baseball even more hilarious than ever. New York Times contributed this report.