Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks has become one of the best-selling artists in country music history. He has received numerous honors and awards – such as being honored by induction into both the Songwriters Hall of Fame and Country Music Hall of Fame – as well as becoming known for his groundbreaking concert series and multimedia projects (such as Chris Gaines).

Oklahoma-born Brooks first made an appearance on the country music scene as a local artist in Stillwater, working odd jobs to make ends meet and singing whenever he could. After being turned down by labels in Nashville, Brooks finally got his chance to perform at Bluebird Cafe where a Capitol Records executive saw him and was so taken with what she saw that she signed him with her label after seeing Brooks perform there. That performance marked his breakthrough career-wise and ultimately lead him into signing his contract.

Over time, Brooks would release several multi-platinum albums and sell out arenas around the world. His concerts became legendary spectacles that often featured extravagant lighting effects and elaborate backdrops; his hits from his extensive catalogue would often be featured alongside brand new material that Brooks would introduce regularly during these performances.

Brooks’ career took a meteoric rise during the 90s when he became one of America’s best-selling artists and earned multiple Entertainer of the Year awards from both CMA and ACM. He continued releasing critically acclaimed albums that were both commercially and artistically successful while expanding his stylistic range to encompass honky-tonk, dramatic balladry, country rock, cowboy songs, etc.

Recently, Brooks has remained busy both on the studio stage and touring circuit with The Limited Series shows. Additionally, he recently began a new chapter by opening Friends in Low Places honky-tonk on Lower Broadway as well as recording duet albums with wife Trisha Yearwood.

Brooks remains grounded, prioritizing family over his success. Additionally, he gives back generously through charitable organizations and his foundations.

Brooks recently discussed his philanthropic efforts on his podcast Your Mom’s House and didn’t see them as something big to worry about. Additionally, he expressed how fortunate he felt having a job that allowed him to spend time with family – something he wanted his fans to experience as well.

Brooks showed incredible gratitude and honesty throughout their conversation. He discussed his father’s hard-won success as an employee without having to work two jobs that would take away from spending time with family. Brooks touched on being free to make life decisions as well as social media’s effect on his personal and professional lives; further addressing upcoming Las Vegas residency performances, new music releases and an upcoming TuneIn streaming radio network launch; overall it provided an intriguing look into an influential country icon’s mind.