Sting and Billy Joel thrilled a sold-out crowd Saturday evening at Petco Park in San Diego. A light drizzle began falling shortly after Joel took the stage, yet this didn’t dampen their spirit or enthusiasm for performing at this iconic ballpark.

Sting brought new energy and excitement to classic songs such as “Roxanne,” “Message in a Bottle,” and “Brand New Day.” He extended certain songs so as to build dynamic tension within their performance.

Opening Numbers

Yesterday at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL, Sting and Billy Joel performed together as co-headliners of their respective shows. Each came out during each other’s performances to perform some songs together – Sting opened his set with “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic,” joined on stage by Billy Joel singing duet vocals on it; later they also performed “Big Man on Mulberry Street”.

Sting kept the audience entertained with his jazz-style rendition of Anthony’s Song (Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song).” Additionally, he performed some of his solo hits to set an exciting atmosphere for an unforgettable musical evening.

After that, Joel began performing his songs live. Most of his performances sounded excellent and his piano work was impressive; however, Joel’s vocals weren’t as strong; he struggled hitting high notes and sometimes appeared straining to hit them.

He performed exceptionally well singing “New York State of Mind” and “Piano Man.” To close his set he sang the traditional Italian restaurant scene from “Scenes From an Italian Restaurant.”


Sting and Billy Joel joined forces for the very first time ever at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida for a sold-out concert that truly saw rock history come together. Collaborating on songs during their joint set was sure to impress Q105 photographer Lisa Claire who captured some unforgettable moments during this historical show.

Joel at 74 remains a formidable performer. During the first half of the show he shone as he ran through hits ranging from “Cold Spring Harbor” and title track to “Piano Man.” Additionally he introduced Sting to the audience and invited him ontostage for a duet performance of “New York State of Mind”.

The bassist proved an outstanding member of the ensemble, adding urgency to lively numbers like “Message in a Bottle” and “So Lonely.” Plus he had ample opportunity to fill out arrangements with his signature bass line.

Sting brought new energy and enthusiasm to classic songs such as “Roxanne,” “Fields of Gold” and “Brand New Day.” His performance wasn’t just engaging; many songs had extended renditions – most notably Middle Eastern-influenced melodies on “Desert Rose.” Overall, this performance provided an upbeat start to a North America tour that will continue.

Final Words

Finding rock and roll icons who remain passionate about their craft when past their prime is not common, yet Billy Joel and Sting both remained incredible dedicated to music throughout their careers. At their best when performing together, these legendary performers would deliver an unforgettable concert celebrating both their iconic songs as well as showing off two of the greatest live performers who have graced a stadium stage.

Sting was in top form at 72 as he sang with an effortless elegance that belied his age. Although his high wail has faded since The Police days, his voice still managed to elevate songs such as “Roxanne,” “Message in a Bottle,” and “So Lonely.”

Joel hasn’t released new material since 1993’s River of Dreams, yet still managed to demonstrate plenty of Empire State pride for Tampa in this performance. This included an energetic take of “Heavy Cloud No Rain.” Additionally, Sting joined him for a jazzy duet on “Big Man on Mulberry Street”.