Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado Springs has inspired generations of musicians. Situated just west of Denver, Red Rocks Amphitheatre features breathtaking geology, incredible natural acoustics and renowned manmade architecture to provide an unforgettable musical experience for audiences of all kinds. Over its 2.5 miles of seating has seen performances by classical symphonies, Beatles, U2 and John Denver; its music can be heard around the world!

John Brisben Walker used Red Rocks Amphitheater as a concert site in early 1900’s Denver. Soon thereafter, Denver purchased it in 1927 and, following informal concerts on temporary stages for several years prior to 1936’s construction start date due to CCC and WPA relief programs, construction of Red Rocks began officially five years later and its legacy would forever live on.

Artists from every genre have since strived to perform at this legendary venue, often called America’s best outdoor music venue and many fans can recall their first show here. Notable features of this magical spot include its sublime acoustics as well as serving as the stunning background for music videos and even episodes of The Amazing Race.

Amphitheatre offers more than concerts: it provides many activities. Hikers and runners flock here to take advantage of breathtaking views while exercising their bodies, while sunset watchers love this location as it gives a chance to witness Colorado Rocky Mountains skies illuminated with stars.

Red Rocks Visitors Center also features an informative museum about its history. Visitors can gain insight into geological formation of rocks that comprise an amphitheater as well as prehistoric footprints, fossils and artifacts discovered nearby Dinosaur Ridge in the park.

On non-concert days, the amphitheater is bustling with people strolling, jogging, and relaxing under the warm sunshine. The park’s natural beauty is truly remarkable; and if the weather permits it, picnicking can also be enjoyed here in summertime.

At a 1971 Jethro Tull show, between 1,000 and 2,000 fans attended without tickets in order to hear but not see them perform. When crowd became restless, police were brought in to maintain order until eventually, crowd members were permitted to sit on nearby hills and rocks so that they could hear but not see. This became known as the Riot at Red Rocks.”

The amphitheater offers year-round events – such as yoga classes, family festivals, movie nights and special celebrations – such as yoga, family festivals and movie screenings. Furthermore, this venue also hosts educational and environmental programs in addition to hiking and mountain biking excursions.