Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an unforgettable concert venue, boasting spectacular surroundings and seemingly perfect acoustics – no wonder its lineup of performers rivals the towering sandstone monoliths themselves!

But scenery alone cannot make up for an underwhelming performance, which was unfortunately what happened Friday night when Deadmau5 failed to live up to his promise and fill the amphitheater with any excitement or anticipation.


Red Rocks have long been a source of joy and beauty for locals and visitors. From Utes who venerated it as sacred ground to Euro-Americans settling Colorado during western expansion, generations have experienced its magic first-hand at Red Rocks National Historic Landmark and popular outdoor venue.

Marion Burts became the original recorded owner of Red Rocks, dubbing it “Garden of Angels.” In 1878 he sold it to Leonard H. Eicholtz, who created an expansive park featuring roads, trails, and picnic grounds.

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), led by architect Burnham Hoyt, began their transformation of rock formations into what would later become the iconic amphitheater in 1936. They created continental seating without an aisle that blends naturally with its natural acoustics framed by Creation and Ship Rocks.


Red Rocks concerts provide an unforgettable musical experience, famed for its exceptional acoustics and frequented by legendary bands like Jimi Hendrix and U2 as well as modern day icons like Widespread Panic and Mumford & Sons.

Ship Rock and Creation Rock are two geologically formed sandstone slabs that form an amphitheater in Denver, known for their seamless acoustics. At night when Denver city lights shimmer behind these formations, their view makes an unforgettable concert experience.

For optimal views of the rocks, plan to arrive at your venue well in advance of any show, as general admission lines typically form long before doors open for most performances. Bring water and snacks just in case the wait becomes lengthy – and remember that getting out after an event could take an hour due to traffic leaving at once!


Red Rocks stands at an elevation of 6,450 feet – over 1,000 feet higher than Denver – making the altitude an important consideration when attending concerts at Red Rocks. Local Coloradans and frequent adventurers tend to adjust quickly to these higher altitudes; guests visiting from out-of-town should remember hydration is key when visiting this mesmerizing venue.

This venue seats 9,525 and features giant sandstone walls that create its distinctive sound. Constructed as part of FDR’s New Deal by Civilian Conservation Corps in 1941 and slowly opened for business.

Concerts take place year-round at this iconic music venue and visitors are welcome to visit outside of events schedule. They can take a self-guided tour to discover why it has become such a sought-after destination for music fans; fitness gurus can even use running up and down stadium “seats” as part of their pre-performance workout regime!


Experienced the magic of Red Rocks concerts is truly memorable; their natural acoustics are unmatched, creating an incredible aural environment in the middle of these well-known rock formations. Don’t miss this must-do Colorado experience.

If you are planning on attending a concert at Red Rocks, make sure that your tickets are purchased early – most shows sell out! And for an even greater experience, VIP seating may provide front row access.

Give yourself plenty of time for the journey from parking lot to entrance and bring water. Additionally, be sure to pack an umbrella or jacket since Red Rocks typically rains. Be sure to also bring snacks and drinks, since food lines are likely long. Furthermore, once inside Red Rocks you cannot reenter.