Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an impressive natural rock formation offering an unforgettable musical experience at 6,450 feet above sea level. It stands as one of only several naturally-occurring amphitheatres with perfect acoustics in existence today.

George Cranmer, Manager of Denver Parks, saw an opportunity during the Great Depression to bring two resources together: young men and the land. His plan to transform Denver Parks into an outdoor theater was approved for federal funding in 1936.

The History

Red Rocks has long been one of the premiere musical performance venues since Renaissance man John Brisben Walker made it famous during the early 1900s by setting up his platform among its sandstone formations, becoming one of the premier performance sites ever since. Even when larger stadiums can sell out concerts quickly, artists still opt to bring their performances here due to its outstanding acoustics.

George Cranmer, manager of Denver Parks, had a vision to convert an informal amphitheater into a formal theater and secured federal work relief funding through the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). CCC enrollees assisted with building it while Denver architect Burnham Hoyt designed continental seating without center aisle to take advantage of acoustical properties of giant rocks.

Musical events aside, this venue also hosts various community activities including Easter Sunrise Services, movies and fitness classes. Additionally, weddings and graduations often take place here as well.

The Venue

Red Rocks National Historic Landmark, famed for its incredible acoustics and featuring two large rock formations (Ship Rock and Creation Rock) rising above its seating area, has long been considered a destination of note for musicians and music enthusiasts. Locals will tell you that no trip to Red Rocks would be complete without experiencing one or more performances there!

With its steep pitch and breathtaking views, there isn’t a bad seat in the house – though windy nights may reduce sound quality. Concert-goers bring their kids and canines along to experience this unique event together.

If you aren’t attending a show, there are hiking trails surrounding the amphitheater offering stunning vistas of dinosaur tracks and other prehistoric features. Be sure to arrive well ahead of the show’s start time so you can explore this park before relaxing for an evening of music!

The Parking

Reaching Red Rocks is simple, yet parking can be challenging. To maximize your experience and arrive early for optimal parking results.

The venue features five lots, with the Upper North and Lower South lots being the easiest choices. Furthermore, Upper North provides access to an accessible shuttle.

Many visitors agree that their experience at Red Rocks begins long before any concert takes place, when they meet other fans in the parking lot and enjoy pre-show festivities such as tailgating. Red Rocks offers an unforgettable tailgating experience filled with music and camaraderie; just keep in mind that open flame grills are prohibited while alcohol cannot be brought onto its grounds.

Anyone wishing to avoid driving can hop aboard a bus or shuttle from nearby cities such as Denver, Boulder or Ft Collins.

The Food & Drink

Red Rocks provides plenty of food and beverage options, with factory-sealed non-alcoholic beverages in bottles or containers of 32 ounces or less being permitted into the amphitheater. You may also bring in a small soft-sided cooler (not hard-sided) filled with water and snacks.

If you’re feeling extravagant, there are multiple concession stands offering cocktails and mixed drinks as well as non-alcoholic options to keep you refreshed and hydrated throughout the night.

Prepare for your show at Golden, an attractive historic town located only 15 minutes away from Red Rocks Amphitheater. Here, you’ll have your choice of restaurants – including The Golden Mill Brewpub which was recently named one of The Denver Post’s top pregame spots before concerts at Red Rocks!

The View

Red Rocks Amphitheatre stands in between geologically formed sandstone monoliths and offers world-class acoustics and unique concerts. Its two jutting stone walls enthrall concert goers, while ambitious locals often race up and down its stairs between acts or attend Yoga on the Rocks events.

At an elevation of over 6,000 feet and featuring 70 rows of head-on seating that ascend away from the stage, Red Rocks Park makes for an unparalleled concert experience – not to mention breathtaking views of Denver! For guests who wish to be closer to performers during an event, Vivid Seats provides tickets in their desired area; with its event listing and seating map clearly showing where your tickets can get you whether for general admission or reserved seating events.