Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an incredible natural wonder, musical destination and piece of Colorado history that must be experienced for yourself. The venue‘s incredible acoustics and landscape create a breathtaking sandstone formation; so much so that many artists consider performing there a dream come true.

Morrison Geological Formation lies approximately 10 miles west of Denver in Morrison and contributes uniquely resonant acoustics, unmatched anywhere else in the world. Ship Rock stands proudly towards the sky while Creation Rock tilts downward from stage right, both formed over decades by freeze-thaw cycles with slopes, tilts and cracks that show just how powerful weather can be in shaping rock formations.

Red Rocks has long been known for music since Ute tribes used it as a sacred site. John Brisben Walker produced several concerts on temporary platforms in the early 1900s, but it wasn’t until 1936 when Civilian Conservation Corps enrollees began turning Red Rocks into a formal outdoor theater with seating and stage. Their architect Burnham F. Hoyt (from Denver), designed continental seating – without an aisle – to create an intimate experience and adaptable for many musical performances, turning Red Rocks into an amphitheater that became national treasure and musician favorites alike!

Since its opening, musicians have taken great inspiration from its unique natural setting for their works, while audiences have responded enthusiastically. Since opening day, rock, classical and country musicians as well as dance and spoken word events have all played at this venue; along with rock concerts like U2’s ‘Under a Blood Red Sky” and Mumford & Sons ‘The Road to Rewind” being recorded there as live albums.

No matter if you enjoy rock music, hiking or just admiring the views, Denver‘s amphitheatre is an integral part of its culture. Offering concerts throughout the year and with their website providing details for booking events.

Parking at the amphitheater is limited, so carpooling or using Uber are highly recommended. Be sure to check the concert calendar beforehand, as many shows sell out quickly; and remember to drink plenty of fluids due to higher elevation. It may also be worth bringing a blanket or jacket for snuggling under; plus comfortable shoes to get there and back again!