On non-concert days, the park is filled with locals exercising and tourists admiring its sights. There are yoga sessions held there as well as guided hikes through its surrounding mountains.

John Brisben Walker opened Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Memorial Day 1906, inviting musicians to perform from temporary platforms situated between its monolithic walls (commonly referred to as Ship and Creation Rock). Denver architect Burnham Hoyt designed it in 1936.


Music has always been part of Red Rocks since Ute tribe members would gather there for spiritual ceremonies. Later, with western expansion and amphitheaters sprouting across the area, concerts began taking place there too.

The iconic performance space has seen its fair share of controversy. Following an incident during a Peter, Paul and Mary show when beer cans were thrown, it temporarily closed until cooler heads prevailed; but it was the 1971 Jethro Tull show which caused most outrage resulting in an extensive seven-year ban on rock music performances at this venue.

Geologic forces took millions of years to sculpt this amphitheater, while five years were needed for its completion under President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal Recovery program involving Civilian Conservation Corps workers and Works Progress Administration workers from President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal Recovery program (which were part of FDR’s New Deal recovery).


Attractions to this venue include its remarkable natural acoustics and views. Ship Rock and Creation Rock are two giant sandstone formations which tower taller than Big Ben or Niagara Falls, creating an unforgettable ambiance.

The walk up from the parking lot helps relax and engage the crowd, creating an electric atmosphere. Furthermore, its unrivaled acoustics make any whisper at one end sound like a shout at another end.

Most concerts offer General Admission seating; however, certain performances offer reserved seats. Your ticket will identify which section of seating arrangements apply to each show; be sure to double check before attending!


Attractions at this National Historic Landmark include its beautiful ochre sandstone formations and mountainous scenery alone, but there’s much more to experience and see here as well.

Front-of-house engineer Andy Torri says Red Rocks may seem ideal as an acoustically perfect venue, but weather and altitude conditions can impact its soundscape significantly. To test for frequency changes before a concert begins, Torri uses pink noise tests and performs equalization tests using pink noise to find which frequencies may be amplified or diminished and then optimize their blend for best performance.

Red Rocks Park in Denver is an essential destination, from concerts and hikes along the Trading Post Trail, to being the venue of choice for events at Red Rocks. Click to discover tickets available for upcoming performances at this iconic venue.


Due to concert restrictions at Red Rocks, dining can be challenging during an event; however there are numerous dining options nearby this world-famous venue. Golden, a small historic town at the foot of the mountains and situated around Clear Creek offers the greatest diversity when it comes to cuisine options.

Concession stands offer chicken fingers, hot dogs, pizza, pretzels, beer and soda for purchase. At the Visitor’s Center lies Ship Rock Grille with an exquisite menu that perfectly compliments its breathtaking setting.

Food may be brought into the amphitheater with you; however, it must be in an unopened plastic bag smaller than one gallon in capacity and without backpacks.


Red Rocks Amphitheatre provides parking at five large lots around the venue, which open two hours before each event and encourage early arrival for optimal seating. Be mindful to follow tailgating rules as open flames and alcohol consumption are prohibited – make sure to arrive in plenty of time!

Music fans typically opt for the Upper North Lot, which offers the easiest – and many would argue most beautiful – way into the venue. To reach it, drive through an iconic tunnel – truly worth your while if parking here; just make sure you allow plenty of time as this space often fills quickly!


Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre lies 10 miles west of Denver near Morrison, Colorado and provides an unforgettable outdoor musical entertainment experience that blends breathtaking natural views with world-class musical entertainment. A popular venue for rock concerts, pop concerts, orchestra performances and even symphony acts.

Accessible Shuttle service will be available to guests who park in either of the Upper South Lot or Top Circle Lot. In addition, this lot serves as the pickup location for rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.

Purchasers should take notice when buying tickets if seats offer limited or obstructed views; binoculars will enhance your experience further.