Red Rocks Amphitheatre is one of the world’s premier outdoor concert venues. Legendary acts such as U2 and John Denver have graced its stage throughout history; today it continues its legacy by welcoming new acts every summer.

Pro Tip: Red Rocks at altitude can make summer nights cold. Be sure to bring along a blanket, but make sure it does not extend beyond your ticketed seating area.

The History

Ute people had long used Red Rocks as a sacred space for music and ceremonies. After Western expansion reached this area, John Brisben Walker started organizing concerts on temporary stages at Red Rocks as part of western expansion in the early 1900s.

Red Rocks’ incredible acoustics and magical ambience have propelled it to become one of the world’s premier venues for live performances, attracting artists who consider playing here as their “dream come true”.

Burnham Hoyt of Denver and Stanley Morse of his assistant firm began construction of this amphitheater in 1936 with members of the Civilian Conservation Corps. Hoyt’s design integrated natural acoustics from Ship Rock and Creation Rock into formal theater elements; Continental seating eliminated any need for center aisles, making it easy to see all aspects of the stage performance.

The Venue

Musicians of all kinds flock here for its natural acoustics – be it a 25-piece brass band or solo singer sending their voice through Creation Rock and Ship Rock’s 400ft-high rock formations – where natural acoustics make this venue irresistible for performance.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre stands out from other concert venues with its remarkable natural acoustics and panoramic views, making it ideal for any musical act to perform there.

Music enthusiasts hold this National Historic Landmark dear, so attending a concert here will be an experience you won’t soon forget. Just make sure you stay hydrated and bring an extra layer as its high altitude can cause temperatures to dip quickly. Parking may also prove challenging here so plan to arrive with enough time.

The View

Visit Red Rocks for an unforgettable concert experience – its natural acoustics and stunning surroundings make it an essential destination for music enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts.

This venue‘s steep pitch and breathtaking mountain vistas create a spectacular setting for concerts that showcase ever-shifting Rocky Mountain skies. Picnics and factory sealed nonalcoholic beverages (unless prohibited by show) are welcome at this venue.

At 868 acres, Ship Rock Park provides some of Colorado’s most stunning scenery – whether that be to see legendary bands perform live, or simply explore its towering sandstone monoliths and trails winding around its iconic formations. When hunger strikes, stop in at Ship Rock Grille for their mountainous panorama and inventive dishes!

The Music

Red Rocks used to feature big brass bands and opera singers, but over time rock music became its primary draw. Red Rocks is known for its incredible acoustics which provide an ideal environment for an array of performers to perform in.

Widespread Panic has long been a jam band favorite and their concerts at this venue are truly captivating. Their concerts take advantage of the natural acoustics to provide fans with an unforgettable experience.

Red Rocks is an increasingly popular venue for weddings, offering stunning photos against its majestic backdrop. Visitors should not miss visiting the Visitor Center to view photos from every band that ever performed at Red Rocks as well as memorabilia from past performers. As this venue sits high up, make sure to drink plenty of water and prepare yourself for its altitude before visiting Red Rocks.

The Final Words

If you haven’t been to Red Rocks yet, it is well worth the trip. Just remember to pack warm clothing as evening temperatures can become quite cool; also bring cash for tickets as these tend to be more costly than other venues.

After an unfortunate delay caused by Roddy Woomble’s keyboards going missing, the band quickly got back into their groove and launched into Epic to the delight of an enthusiastic crowd – creating an unforgettable night at this historic venue.

Lyle Lovett’s velvety voice filled the amphitheatre, while its acoustics beautifully amplified his vocal range. Additionally, he added several acoustic instruments into his set list for an organic yet soothing soundscape – truly one of my most memorable performances at this magnificent venue.