Norah Jones

Norah Jones began her musical journey under her father Ravi Shankar’s tutelage by enrolling in voice lessons and church choirs, before enrolling at University of North Texas to major in jazz piano performance.

Jones is an impressive pianist and composer, drawing influence from Etta James and Billie Holiday as she blends classical training with contemporary light jazz and Americana sounds.

She was born in New York City

Norah Jones first made her mark on music with 2002’s Come Away With Me, an album that combined pop and jazz influences. Following this release came Feels Like Home which won a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and led to collaborations with Foo Fighters, Ryan Adams & the Cardinals and Outkast among others.

In 2006, she formed The Little Willies with musicians Lee Alexander, Richard Julian, Jim Campilongo, and Dan Rieser to cover classic country covers on an album entitled the same.

Jones has since broadened her musical palette with moody electric instrumentation that recalls rock and soul influences. Her latest release, Begin Again, explored the breakup of her relationship and was produced by Jacquire King who has worked with Kings of Leon and Modest Mouse among many other bands. Additionally, Jones wrote and performed a song for UN Women campaign Half the Sky which supports women globally.

She was raised in Dallas

Norah Jones was raised in Dallas by her mother Sue Jones, where her musical tastes were strongly influenced by Billie Holiday and Aretha Franklin albums played by her mother Sue. Singing school and church choirs as well as taking piano lessons provided an early foundation. Later she studied music at University of North Texas before making the leap to New York City to begin her professional life.

Come Away With Me was released in 2002 to critical acclaim and became one of the best-selling albums worldwide; selling over 50 million copies worldwide and ranking 60th on Billboard magazine’s Artists of 2000-2009 Decade chart.

Jones has collaborated with numerous artists, such as Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and Kandace Springs of Foo Fighters; she recorded with Anoushka Shankar from Traces of You on that album; she is currently working on her fifth studio album.

She has two children

Norah Jones has two adoring daughters whom she treasures dearly: Ava Marlowe Alexander and Marie Louise Alexander are at the core of her wellbeing; nurturing their talents while celebrating every one of their accomplishments as they come. Norah’s devotion to family can be seen through how she celebrates these special milestones together with them.

Jones has collaborated with numerous musicians, such as Herbie Hancock and Q-Tip. Additionally, she has experience in film and theater. Jones’s eponymous debut album Come Away With Me was an international smash hit; selling more than 20 million copies worldwide.

Personal life: She is married to Pete Remm, another musician. Their son Leo provides both joy and inspiration for her music; occasionally posting photos of him online although refraining from showing his face. Leo’s birth has changed her career path drastically as it made her more reflective in her songs.

She lives in Brooklyn

Jones purchased this Cobble Hill townhouse for $4.9 million in 2009. Built in the 1800s, its interior reflects Jones’s relaxed natural aesthetic with reclaimed wood finishes and exposed brick walls that give off a Marrakesh bazaar meets Vermont barn feel. Furthermore, there’s also a custom teak wood island in the kitchen as well as a restored antique Garland stove; and finally there is a spacious cedar walk-in closet and Waterworks tub in his master suite – plus lots of storage.

Jones wrote many of her songs on a 1940s-era Krakauer piano that is located near the rear entrance, though this instrument is not included with this sale, according to its listing.

Jones owns two residences in New York City: an Eat, Pray, Love carriage house as well as a Greenwich Village apartment featured in Eat, Pray, Love. Each offers four bedrooms; an office can be transformed into the fifth. Outside, an enclosed bluestone patio and garden provide a tranquil spot for al fresco dining and relaxing – perfect for hosting al fresco dinner parties with his guests! Jones frequently visits both cities. He owns both properties as well as another in California featuring Bluestone Patio dining under wisteria-covered garden providing another secluded spot for al fresco dining and relaxation he likes visiting with them both properties featured prominently within Eat Pray Love film series – owning Greenwich Village apartment as well as Brooklyn carriage house featured within Eat Pray Love which featured his residences!