Rife’s crowd work soon went viral on TikTok and gained him widespread exposure. Soon thereafter, he made his Netflix debut with Natural Selection special.

The show begins with a joke about domestic violence – an easy target for a comedian known for cultivating women’s love, while simultaneously sending a signal that you don’t care about those outside your bubble.

Born and raised in New Albany, Ohio

Matt Rife found comfort and purpose through the love of his family despite losing his biological father so early. Growing up with three older step-sisters and one younger half-sister provided him with a sense of support from each of their relationships.

Matt Rife has amassed an avid following and established himself as an accomplished comedian over his career. A fixture at Hollywood’s legendary Laugh Factory, Matt has collaborated with respected comedy veterans such as Dane Cook, Ralphie May, Erik Griffin, and Mike Epps – among many others.

Rife has taken his TikTok and YouTube presence further by expanding his income streams by participating in live shows and selling merchandise – this has allowed him to increase his net worth significantly and set himself up for an exciting future ahead.

Educated at Mount Vernon High School

Matt Rife, an MVHS alumni and comedy fanatic, is competing on NBC’s Bring the Funny competition which premiered in July. After Kenan Thompson, Chrissy Teigen and Jeff Foxworthy narrowed the competition from 40 candidates down to 12 semifinalists, Rife advanced to semifinals of Bring the Funny.

At age 14, his innate sense of humor became clear, prompting him to pursue stand-up performances. Beginning at local open mic nights and eventually moving on to professional performances.

He stands out with a style that blends observational humor with personal anecdotes to engage an eclectic range of audiences – women and men alike – through TikTok, building his following through this platform and becoming one of the favorite contributors on it. Additionally, he’s an active community volunteer – polishing fingernails for Hallmark Care Center residents and volunteering at Linn County Master Gardeners program as well as labelling newsletters for Mount Vernon Alumni Association newsletters as well as listening in on senior graduation speeches!

Started performing at age 14

Rife quickly rose to fame thanks to his talent and youthful charm, earning a regular role on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out – his initial major break – quickly becoming one of his signature performances. Additionally, Rife appeared on Total Request Live as well as Champs Vs Stars 1.

Rife performed on NBC’s Bring the Funny, reaching the Semi-Final Showcase before being eliminated in week 8. His Netflix specials Natural Selection and Walking Red Flag demonstrate his ability to connect with audiences.

Standing tall at 6 feet (183 cm), Rife commands attention with his captivating presence on stage, his height standing out amongst the crowd and drawing notice. His alluring blue eyes and lush hair add further allure. Even through hardships he experienced during his youth years, Rife managed to remain dedicated and committed towards both family and career goals.

Known for TikTok crowd work

Matt Rife has become increasingly renowned since videos of his TikTok crowd work videos went viral, thanks to both his unique comedy style and great looks – two attributes which make him popular with women on this social media app.

Rife’s family has been an invaluable source of strength during his rise to success in the entertainment industry. He credits them with helping him overcome adversity and excel in his profession.

After quickly amassing a significant following online, Rife made his television debut on NBC’s Bring the Funny show as an honoree judged by Kenan Thompson, Chrissy Teigen and Jeff Foxworthy – but recently caused controversy after making jokes that some found offensive; many female viewers found them inappropriate. His remarks focused around astrology which caused many women to find them inappropriate.

Made his Netflix debut

Matt Rife, a rising comedian who began performing at 15, first made his television debut on MTV’s Wild ‘n Out. Since then he has made appearances on NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Lifetime movie franchise Bring the Funny as well as frequenting Los Angeles-based Laugh Factory regularly.

Rife’s new Netflix special Natural Selection debuted on November 15 and quickly caused outrage over its jokes about domestic violence. To combat criticism, Rife responded by posting a mock apology on his Instagram.

Rife’s special is a laugh riot from start to finish! His act has won him both the respect of stand-up veterans and audiences, while acting roles have increased his fame and net worth exponentially.