Matt Rife, 28, hails from Columbus, Ohio. He has created his audience via TikTok and has performed alongside veteran comics DL Hughley, Ralphie May and Dane Cook during tours.

His recent Netflix special Natural Selection has caused controversy, prompting audiences to express displeasure over his willingness to be controversial.

He is a comedian

Matt Rife began performing stand-up comedy at age 15 in Ohio. His career quickly took off after videos of his crowd work went viral on TikTok, leading Netflix to release his comedy special Natural Selection which became one of their most-watched specials last year and then embarking on his ProbleMATTic World Tour.

However, he’s come under fire for making inappropriate jokes about domestic violence and women acting dumbly. His latest set in Bloomington, Indiana was abruptly cancelled when he announced a “last-minute medical emergency.” As an apology to fans who had purchased tickets for this show and offered refunds.

TikTok propelled Rife into fame, and he quickly garnered a strong female Gen Z fan base. But he betrayed them by appealing to toxic masculinity in his new Netflix special; opening with jokes about domestic violence and then detailing an anecdote of being at a restaurant where hostess had black eye.

He has a great career in entertainment

Matt Rife has achieved great success in entertainment thanks to his natural comedic talent and dedication, both of which can be found in his film roles. These roles have helped him hone his acting craft further while opening up doors for future opportunities and collaboration among actors – learning from some of the best in the business along the way.

His family has played an instrumental role in his success, supporting him throughout his journey of ups and downs. They have attended his shows to offer invaluable feedback that has contributed to his development as an entertainer. Furthermore, they have helped establish connections with fellow comedians and actors that has proven beneficial to his career development.

Rife found early success as a TikTok comedian and has since earned himself a spot in the comedy competition series “Bring the Funny”. He self-financed and released his one-hour special Only Fans through YouTube in 2021 before signing an exclusive production deal with Netflix to produce two more specials.

He has a great personality

Attracting such an immense audience makes it even more essential that comedians deliver humorous performances on Netflix specials, which unfortunately Matt Rife did not do. Unfortunately, his special was an absolute dud and his jokes failed to connect. Additionally, his schtick is far too predictable and relies too heavily on tired tropes such as old men talking about their wives or women with large clitorises etc.

Ohio native Rife gained widespread recognition after clips of his stand-up gigs went viral on TikTok. These videos show Rife engaging his audiences by doing “crowd work”, engaging and responding to audience responses while making humorous observations and jokes relating to each performance.

His comedy blends observational and absurdist humor, captivating audiences through social media platforms. His unique style attracts a young generation of comedians and social media users; furthermore he has an endearing personality that draws people in. Realistically approaching life pragmatically; hard worker; enjoys feeling of accomplishment through hard work; enjoys material possessions as means to assert himself – this all makes for great comedy!

He has a great family

Matt Rife rose to fame in 2022 after his crowd work routine went viral on TikTok and earned over 40 million views and 5 million likes, earning him an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

Since then, he has released numerous comedy specials, including his recent Netflix special Natural Selection which has drawn widespread criticism for misogynist and ableist comments directed toward people with disabilities. Sasha Ramos from Indiana University Women’s Comedy Group was among many students who spoke out against it.

Matt Rife released his debut special in 2016 and quickly found success, selling out venues worldwide. His success has allowed him to lead a more relaxed lifestyle, which allows him to write and produce more work; Rife is currently developing a workplace sitcom and recently signed a two-special deal with Netflix.