Matt Rife began his comedy career at 15 and quickly began touring. Since then, he has also had guest spots on Wild ‘n Out and Brooklyn Nine-Nine as well as his own Netflix special.

Even though he is widely popular, his act has still generated significant backlash. Recently he caused uproar when opening his show with an anti-domestic violence joke that ignited debate on social media.

He is a comedian

Matt Rife hails from Ohio where he began performing comedy at local clubs. Later moving to Los Angeles he became a regular at the World Famous Laugh Factory as well as Wild ‘N Out and Brooklyn Nine-Nine appearances and hosting his own special on Netflix called Natural Selection.

Rife’s comedy draws huge audiences on TikTok due to his interaction with audiences; some of his most viral clips show him engaging with women in the audience; he even released an exclusively crowd work-focused special for streaming platforms!

Rife’s provocative humor has earned him some criticism, yet he remains unapologetic about it. According to Rife, everyone has the right to speak freely as long as it doesn’t offend anyone else.

He is a TikTok star

Before TikTok, Matt Rife made waves in the comedy scene by landing a recurring spot on Wild ‘N Out and small guest roles on shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Additionally, he self-produced several stand-up specials, such as his recent Netflix release Natural Selection.

Rife’s special caused widespread outrage when it opened with a joke about domestic violence, prompting him to issue what he termed a mock apology on Instagram and direct anyone who felt offended by his joke to a website selling helmets for people with special needs.

TikTok may have precipitated this backlash, but the question remains whether its artificial inflation of Rife’s act to the extent that his lack of talent was obscured. His viral TikTok clips consist largely of crowd work with him flirting with straight women in his audience; even his Netflix special targeted this demographic.

He is a social media star

Rife has joined TikTok’s celebrity roster after a clip of his crowd work went viral, impressing users with both his disarming charm and razor-sharp wit, not to mention undeniable looks. Rife has appeared as guest host on Total Request Live as well as MTV shows like The Challenge and Bring the Funny.

Rife’s meteoric rise through social media has not gone without controversy; many on the internet are questioning his comedy abilities and potential plastic surgery; his Netflix special was released with a joke widely considered offensive for its reference to domestic violence.

Netflix special audiences can be enormous, making it doubly essential that comedians know their material before going live with one. Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case with Rife; during his special Natural Selection he made a joke that seemed to mock women who helped propel his rise to stardom – prompting critics and viewers to share clips and tweet about it online.

He is a writer

Matt Rife, 28, is taking off social media after posting several viral comedy clips. Known for his seductive looks and provocative jokes, Rife has amassed an extensive fan base–primarily female Gen Z fans–but his new Netflix special caused outrage when it began with a joke about domestic violence.

Rife’s critics maintain that his success is undeserved, claiming that he relies more on networking than crafting jokes and has become a celebrity without paying his dues. They accuse him of exploiting women to further his career advancement.

Rife responded to criticism with an Instagram story link offering his sincerest apology and leading people directly to a website selling helmets for children with disabilities. Since then he has sold out five Mohegan Sun Arena shows.