Matt Rife has been described by The New York Times as one of comedy’s hottest rising stars.” A talented comedian with an appealing face and off-center wit, Matt has created viral Tik Tok moments as well as two self-produced Netflix specials.

His new special, Natural Selection, generated controversy after it featured jokes that addressed domestic violence. To appease any person offended by it, he posted an apology message on his Instagram story for anyone offended by the special.

He is a stand-up comedian

Matt Rife, known for hopping on the hate train with memes, criticism and backlash on social media, first gained fame through Wild N Out as a regular cast member before going viral with his viral special at Laugh Factory in Los Angeles.

Natural Selection has caused considerable uproar due to a joke relating to domestic violence against women. He tells a story about a restaurant which is “ratchet,” then makes fun of waitress getting black eyes while suggesting she would be better suited working in the kitchen – this joke does not belong, and many have criticised this comment, including Indiana University students such as Sasha Ramos who belongs to Ladies Night Comedy group and finds it offensive.

He is an actor

Matt Rife’s debut Netflix special, Natural Selection, was met with widespread outrage after the comedian made an offensive joke about domestic violence and caused ratings for his special to plummet significantly.

Rife became well-known when an audience interaction clip from one of his stand-up shows went viral on TikTok in 2022, featuring him engaging with audience members while offering playful relationship advice.

Rife opened his Netflix special with an offensive joke about Baltimore being “ratchet,” with an example being a waitress getting black eye. This statement caused an uproar online and Rife later apologized for it; nevertheless, his show sold out nationwide; The Indiana Auditorium even offers refunds up to 30 days from purchase date!

He has a YouTube channel

Matt Rife, an emerging comedian who became popular thanks to viral comedy clips posted online, quickly rose through the ranks thanks to social media. Following this success he quickly sold out a live show in Portland quickly – quickly followed by his Netflix special and tours across the country with jokes that target women and domestic abuse issues. However, some have taken offense at his humor regarding such topics as women in general as well as domestic abuse specifically.

His early life wasn’t always smooth sailing; during his teenage years he found himself couch surfing and bus hopping to find work. Eventually, however, he managed to land a regular gig that provided enough money for a move to Los Angeles; since then he has recorded two stand-up specials and continues performing throughout the country.

Though the reception to Natural Selection has been predominantly negative, it bears asking how a comedian with such indefensible material could secure such a high-profile Netflix special in the first place. What does it say about the industry if an attempt at comedy such as this generates so much animus from viewers?

He has a Twitter account

Matt Rife is a comedian and actor who has appeared on multiple television shows, has his own YouTube channel and hosts an official website where fans can stay informed on his tours as well as purchase merchandise bearing his brand. Since performing stand-up comedy as early as 15, Rife has opened for such notable comedians as Mike Epps, DL Hughley Ralphie May and Tommy Davidson; additionally competing on NBC’s comedy competition series Bring the Funny.

Rife first rose to fame through TikTok, where he posted videos showcasing his crowd work – which includes audience interaction and long improvisational exchanges – featuring audience interactions and extended improvisatory exchanges. One such clip went viral in 2022, catapulting Rife into stardom.

Rife boasts a significant female fan base, and in an interview with Variety expressed his desire to broaden his appeal among male audiences as well. Unfortunately, his Netflix special was met with considerable resistance due to jokes targeting specific groups of people.