Matt Rife quickly rose to fame on TikTok before garnering widespread popularity with his Netflix special. However, some critics took issue with some of his jokes which they considered offensive or inappropriate.

The opening joke of the special was an offensive domestic violence joke that perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes and was not funny at all.

The remainder of this special was filled with jokes that were neither funny nor entertaining, leading to audience displeasure.

He is a stand-up comedian

Matt Rife is an American stand-up comedian and actor best known for his TikTok popularity and Netflix special, Natural Selection. While this special has earned it a top ten rank on Netflix among all comedy programs, its contentious use of domestic violence jokes has caused protests from some audiences and backlash online.

He first became well-known in 2022 when a clip of his crowd work — wherein he engages the audience through improv exchanges — went viral on TikTok. Since then, he’s established himself within comedy as well as cancellation culture.

Under health concerns, he’s forced to cancel performances at both IU Auditorium and Ryman Auditorium. Instead, Chicago Theatre shows will be rescheduled for December, while Nashville dates will be scheduled shortly – tickets holders will be reimbursed accordingly.

He is an actor

Matt Rife, born and raised in Austin and now living on a ranch outside Texas, has found huge success as a comedian. His comedy shows have sold-out large venues, as he recorded a stand-up special for Netflix and gained wide-reach media coverage. This popularity boost is great news for Matt’s career – and hopefully will lead him into television or film roles more readily!

Before TikTok became popular, Ohio native and 28-year-old comedian Eric Devine struggled to establish himself as a comic. His success varied between random MTV variety shows and small guest spots in sitcoms like Brooklyn Nine-Nine before landing a Netflix special in 2023.

This special made the top 10 on streaming service Netflix and sparked debate about offensive comedy in general, while also showing how powerfully influential the Internet can be in making or breaking careers; some are questioning whether Rife’s success stems from talent or looks alone.

He is a singer

Matt Rife is an up-and-coming comedian and actor who has quickly made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. His charismatic charm and quick wit has won him fans across the world; starting his career at such an early age has only added to his fan base worldwide. Already having appeared on multiple TV shows since beginning his career at such an early age.

Natural Selection made waves upon its debut Netflix special in November and has stayed there ever since, sparking much discussion and debate about whether comedy can still be funny when it offends vulnerable groups of people. TikTok star Jaime Mendes opened with an offensive joke about domestic violence that ignited much discussion around whether comedy can still be considered funny in today’s society.

According to TMZ, Rife has cancelled several shows due to exhaustion. He has promised that Chicago and Nashville dates will be rescheduled soon if ticketholders cannot attend the new dates; his tour will resume on June 12.

He is a writer

Matt Rife, originally from Ohio, first gained fame on TikTok and has become known for his humorous yet flirty stage presence. Currently on tour for “Matt Rife: ProbleMATTic Tour,” Rife has seen sell out dozens of shows nationwide while receiving criticism over misogynist and ableist jokes.

Rife maintains his jokes are not offensive despite receiving criticism, and has come out in support of Tony Hinchcliffe, an LA shock comedian who caused outrage during his incendiary 2021 set by making multiple insulting references about fellow comic Peng Dang.

Recently, Rife made headlines after defending an offensive joke he made about women with large clitorises on Cancelled podcast and appearing as an expert witness on a panel to debate backlash comedians on context and intent issues. Following this episode of Cancelled podcast he made more headlines when he stated that people who criticize comedians lack understanding and context regarding intent. As a result of these circumstances many fans boycotted his Netflix special Natural Selection; yet still remains amongst top 10 comedy charts.