Los Temerarios

Popular for its intimate atmosphere, this upscale Mexican joint offers tacos, creative dishes and tequila in a vibrant space adorned with street art. Additionally, there is a full bar, outdoor seating and live music performance – making this popular destination worth stopping at.

Los Temerarios, Mexico’s top ballad grupo, are no more, yet their legacy will live on. Los Temerarios were undisputed leaders of the grupero subgenre with emotive yet romantic ballads that filled households. Boasting over three-eight albums and seventeen top 10 hits including La Mujer Que Sone, Mi Vida Eres Tu, and Una Tarde Fue respectively; Adolfo Angel was truly one of its pioneers.

Fresnillo, Zacatecas was where they first made their mark as Conjunto La Brisa, originally composed of three brothers and their cousin, Fernando Angel. These musical enthusiasts shared an immense passion for music; sneaking into the band storage room at night to play guitars, keyboards and drums and honing their talents before going on stage later.

Los Temerarios made waves in the late ’80s and early ’90s when they popularized the grupero subgenre in America with an approach reminiscent of regional Mexican music. Their romantic lyrics coupled with electric/acoustic guitars/keys helped secure 41 entries on Billboard’s Latin Top 40 Chart; 17 reached top 10 status while four reached #1 position. Alongside extensive touring, Virtus Records became their own record label almost 15 years ago which played an essential role in their longevity.

As their popularity increased, they expanded their repertoire with country elements and tropical cumbia elements. Comer a Besos marked a breakthrough for them when it topped the charts; it demonstrated that their sound had evolved beyond norteno-grupero roots to encompass other sounds; at this point Gustavo’s voice had also matured into something special that combined elements from Art Garfunkel and George Michael in an unforgettable combination.

Though Gustavo typically contributes some songs for every release, on this album he gave full writing duties to Adolfo instead. Unfortunately this proved a miscalculation as Adolfo’s songwriting skills were much simpler than those of former Buki Marco Antonio Solis.

Cosme de Ti, Los Temerarios’ album‘s lead single and title track, boasts both an infectious melody and upbeat message. Beginning with an emotive introduction that incorporates acoustic guitar, piano and strings before Gustavo sings the haunting line, “I remember when I loved you so much/ I thought about you everyday but it’s over now”. Anchoring this record are brothers’ harmonies as well as layers and echoing production from instruments layered over one another; making Cosme de Ti one of Los Temerarios best works to date!