Last week it was revealed that Jake Paul, an immensely popular YouTuber and former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will meet up in a boxing ring on July 20. The fight will stream via Netflix rather than being available to purchase through pay-per-view and will take place at AT&T Stadium – home of Dallas Cowboys – in Texas. Many are expecting it to be an enormous spectacle and many are questioning whether the fight will actually happen or follow standard boxing rules.

MVP co-founder Nakisa Bidarian took to Twitter in an effort to clear up any confusion, asserting that Paul vs. Tyson will indeed be a legitimate professional boxing match that follows traditional rules of the sport. She further stressed that it would not be an exhibition match and instead be considered a contest that fans will pay attention to closely. She predicted it will become “one-in-a-lifetime dream matchup” and be an enormous draw for boxing fans worldwide.

Both men have yet to decide the specifics of the fight, though it’s likely it will follow the same format as Tyson’s last outing in 2020 against Roy Jones Jr. Both fighters wore headgear in that fight and it lasted eight two-minute rounds; according to Ariel Helwani of MMA Journalist. Organisers have requested sanction under pro rules which will ultimately be determined by Texas Commission.

Tyson, widely considered one of the greatest boxers of all time, will likely be an underdog against Paul who has won nine out of his 10 professional fights – though he did lose by decision against Tommy Fury during their only true heavyweight contest. Paul certainly has enough skill and experience in boxing to compete with one of Tyson’s level, though newcomer to heavyweight boxing should find their footing quickly in this fight.

Some purists may find it disconcerting that internet personalities will fight each other online, but this is just another development in an emerging trend where individuals from various walks of life have taken up boxing as a sport. No matter the outcome, this event will be hugely significant to both men and Netflix – which has now hosted three live sporting events this year alone.

Tickets to AT&T Stadium won’t come free, and merchandise bearing Paul and Tyson’s likenesses won’t come cheap either; if it does happen though, it would attract the biggest audience ever seen at a professional boxing match, offering both men great marketing opportunities. Make sure to tune in on July 20 if you’re a fan of either man; you won’t regret it! Visit their official website here or sign up for ticket alert by clicking here.