Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson’s fight is scheduled for this summer at AT&T stadium in Texas; it remains to be decided if it will be a professional or exhibition bout.

Both Paul and Tyson are currently engaged in preparations for a high-profile fight that will be streamed live on Netflix and is anticipated to attract an immense viewership due to both of their large fan bases.

Tyson is a former heavyweight champion who last competed against Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition match in 2020. However, since that fight he has been diligently training to take on Paul and believes their fight will be legitimate.

Paul is an enthusiastic young boxer who has shown impressive strides since debuting professional. With 9-1 record and six knockout wins to his credit, he looks forward to stepping up the pace against Tyson, the more experienced opponent.

Tyson and Paul are at odds over whether their upcoming bout should be recorded as professional or exhibition. Paul wants it recorded as professional match; Tyson stated he would make up his mind upon entering the ring.

Both fighters have been engaging in online promotions leading up to the fight. Tyson has posted images and videos showing his training, while Paul is sharing workout videos with his fans. They’ve also engaged in mock fights by exchanging insults on social media accounts of each fighter – while exchanging taunts via trolling.

Although controversial in nature, both fighters appear eager to present an entertaining event for their supporters at Arlington’s 80,000-seat AT&T stadium in Texas. As such, an excellent turnout can be expected.

Jesse Watters asked Jake Paul what would happen if Mike Tyson bit off Jake Paul’s ear during their fight and the YouTuber responded with an entertaining reply, alluding to Tyson biting Evander Holyfield’s ear in 1997 during their famous fight. Paul replied “it will be like the time he bit Evander Holyfield’s ear!”.

On July 20 at the AT&T Stadium in Texas, these two will square off in a fight that will be broadcast live by Netflix and promoted by Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions.

This event will be the first ever between a professional boxer and an internet celebrity. Mike Tyson is an iconic heavyweight boxing legend with 50 fights and 44 knockouts to his credit, becoming world champion aged 20 in 1986 when he won WBC heavyweight championship. Known for his aggressive style, brutal body attacks and unwavering mental toughness inside the ring, Tyson also launched successful film, television and entrepreneurial ventures including Mike Tyson 2.0 cannabis company; Mike Tyson Collection; Iron Remedy testosterone treatment protocol etc.