Mike Tyson will return to boxing ring in just three months when he faces YouTube star Jake Paul at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas for an exhibition match streaming live on Netflix. Tyson last fought an eight-round loss against Roy Jones Jr in November 2020. Since then he has made numerous media appearances leading up to this battle and recently admitted on Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he is nervous ahead of resuming boxing competition.

Paul is a professional boxer with a 9-1 record; most of his victories come against older MMA fighters or journeymen. He is known as both an aggressive brawler as well as being technically adept. For this fight against Tyson many are skeptical; many question what will come of it all.

The bout is scheduled to take place Saturday night at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. Tickets have already begun selling quickly for this event and Vivid Seats predicts they will become among the most costly ever sold to a non-professional boxing event.

Some analysts are worried that Tyson, with no previous boxing experience and his first fight since their rematch against Jones just six weeks earlier, may face an opponent more than twice his age and experience. They point to potential ring rust that may exist as well.

Even with their concerns, most fans remain eagerly awaiting this fight. Tyson is one of the greatest names in sports history and can draw huge audiences to events. Additionally, Paul is one of the biggest social media influencers and could reach massive audiences as well.

There were initial doubts as to whether or not the fight would be officially recognized as an official professional contest, but both Tyson and Paul have received all necessary licensing to host their fight in Texas. There has been much speculation as to whether either fighter will wear larger gloves (18 ounces) to reduce chances of serious injury; details for an undercard event have yet to be announced.

If Paul manages to win this fight, it would mark his third straight success and further establish him as an established fighter. Even if Tyson fails in this match-up, fans will appreciate that he returned so late in life to fight again. No matter the outcome, this fight will have profound ramifications for both athletes and will help shape their respective careers. Without question, this event marks an historic opportunity for both fighters and, should it live up to expectations, could even become the most-watched fight of this century – which will have an unprecedented effect on combat sports – especially among younger generations who will see how legendary figures connect with millions through video streaming platforms like Youtube.