Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will create quite the buzz this summer when they collide at AT&T Stadium – home of the Dallas Cowboys – for what is sure to be an exhilarating bout at AT&T Stadium, hosting this matchup. Paul recently transitioned from YouTube to professional boxing this year, with promising results during his early fights; but will face stiff opposition in Tyson, 58 years old by then who hasn’t fought since 2005 and currently doesn’t fight anymore.

Paul responded directly when asked whether he was concerned about facing off against former heavyweight champion and retired heavyweight champion, “He’s a trained killer,” in a recent episode of his podcast Hotboxin. If I used even two percent of his knowledge I know for certain I would get knocked out quickly.”

Paul may have overstated his enthusiasm and desire for the fight, yet his passion is evident in every word he spoke. Additionally, it should be remembered that Paul grew up during an age of social media; not only has he found great success inside the ring but has amassed a substantial public following on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok – an essential aspect of building a lucrative boxing career while expanding their overall brand presence.

While details regarding Paul and Tyson’s fight have yet to be made public, Nakisa Bidarian, Paul’s business partner has confirmed both men will forgoing headgear for their bout. Bidarian also stated negotiations are underway in regards to making it an official professional match; ultimately the Texas Commission will make their decision on that front.

Tyron Woodley recently criticised Paul and Tyson’s fight in Real Shhh…Right Quick for various reasons, most significantly their 31-year age gap which will play an integral part in its outcome.