Adele, known for her intricate vocal phrasing and tasteful arrangements that made her one of pop music’s most widely beloved performers, made her debut with 19 in 2008. The name refers to Adele’s age at the time she wrote it.

After 21 was a record-smashing success, she returned with 25 to build upon her established strengths.

Hometown Glory

Hometown Glory was Adele’s debut single from 19 album, and showcased her stunning vocal talents over a soft piano chord. Though not charting in the US, Hometown Glory rose quickly up the UK charts due to a surge in downloads. Additionally, Skins used it in its gritty teen drama while Grey’s Anatomy featured it on their US version, broadening its exposure further and helping it find younger listeners.

Adele had long since established herself as one of Britain’s premier soul singers by the time of 21, as listeners had grown accustomed to her heart-stopping ballads and proven talent in other genres on this album, such as melancholic organ-accompanied track “River Lea”, where she mulls over the past with great emotion; or folky “Million Years Ago”, where she mourns over lost friendships and freedoms she experienced before fame took hold.

Chasing Pavements

Adele first came into mainstream public awareness with this song, with its billowy ballad form and powerful chorus, which quickly rose up the UK charts to reach #1 before sneaking just inside US top 20 charts and becoming her signature track for 21 as an album of truly interstellar magnitude.

This song is an intensely emotional reflection on her break-up with the man who inspired much of her earlier work. The changes in tempo and phrasing depict her oscillating between persevering with their relationship or throwing in the towel altogether; by the extended end of chorus it seems as if she has made up her mind.

This video, directed by Xavier Dolan and featuring Adele revisiting her past without nostalgic fondness in mind is split between two perspectives; firstly a car accident where victims lay motionless while ambulance crews wheel them away; then there’s the other perspective of Adele appearing as someone being transported by an ambulance service away.

Rolling in the Deep

Adele made history when she released “Rolling in the Deep”, her breakthrough hit from her second album 21, and it’s an outstanding track that displays Adele’s exceptional skills at creating and singing catchy choruses.

Adele’s wail gains depth from the song’s intricate instrumentation, featuring doo-wop backing vocals, kick drum and unadorned piano that provides a rich backdrop for her dramatic lyrics. A true musical masterpiece, relentlessly building to an intense catharsis.

Adele noted in an interview with Spin that this song contains elements of both gospel and country music that her tour bus driver played on her American tours; its lyrics also reflect her feelings after experiencing heartbreak.

Aretha Franklin gave it her stamp of approval when she covered it for her 2014 album Diva Classics and hit all of the high notes at the end of each chorus perfectly. Her rendition is truly unforgettable and set an impeccable standard of vocal excellence for future artists to follow in its wake.

Someone Like You

Adele began her debut concert at London’s O2 Arena with her tearjerker “Someone Like You.” Unlike many of the acts who had graced that stage that evening, Adele didn’t rely on set designers or pyrotechnics to capture audience attention – rather she used honesty in her lyrics about heartbreak to capture their attention.

Her candidness fits seamlessly with her everyday persona – which has earned her fame among music fans today. With meticulous professionalism at her side, this style has propelled her into one of the most successful artists today. It even broke sales records.

Adele introduced gospel influences into her sound during the recording of 25, as shown here by this track with its rhythmic clapping and piano outro – one of its most haunting tracks from this album. Additionally, this track illustrates Adele’s versatility in providing both uptempo pop pleasers as well as slower ballads that tug on heartstrings.