Garth Brooks is one of the top-selling music artists ever. As an American country music superstar combining rock and country influences into an individual style that garnered him global fame, he enjoyed massive international acclaim. The documentary includes interviews with Brooks himself as well as with Trisha Yearwood (his wife), their children Taylor August Allie as well as friends and family. There’s also rare behind-the-scenes footage from both studio, onstage performances as well as at home.

Brooks seems to be living life fully. From rehearsals at an arena to journeying through wooded areas on his farm to find peace and solitude for himself and his bandmates, he invites us all along on his journey while sharing personal tales from those whose lives he has touched – sharing insights into their personal histories while becoming world-famous stars themselves.

This documentary opens with an introspective examination of Oklahoma native Willie Nelson’s early years and how it shaped his future career path – it provides an incredible introduction to a man destined to revolutionise country music for years to come.

In 1987, Brooks moved to Nashville in pursuit of country music, but was quickly disregarded by every record label available to him. To gain attention he began writing songs and performing them at local bars until eventually finding an open publisher who agreed to take a chance on him; his debut self-titled album made its debut appearance two years later and reached second on the country charts while producing two number one singles.

After emerging from retirement in 1999, Brooks returned for several charity shows and the release of a box set of his greatest hits; then married Trisha Yearwood and began performing Las Vegas residencies. Over time he gradually transitioned back into performing by releasing more albums and touring arenas, dive bars and stadiums.

On his debut album, Brooks revolutionized country music with songs such as “Against the Wind.” This track references trailblazers like Christopher Columbus and John Wayne while telling of a rebel who refuses to follow the crowd; this song became one of his breakthrough hits and set him on an unconventional musical path.

This album marked a crucial turning point in country music’s development, as it introduced a hybrid style that blended honky-tonk and classic rock influences. Both critically and commercially successful, its title track was recognized with two ACM Song Awards: Song of the Year and Music Video of the Year awards in 1991; additionally it featured Brooks’ rendition of America the Beautiful that cemented his national standing; going platinum in America by selling over 10 Million copies!