ENHYPEN are one of the newest boy bands on the music scene and have made waves ever since their debut performance at Tokyo Dome for two shows and then performing their new track “Fate.” As their tour progresses, ENHYPEN seems intent on pushing K-pop forward by adopting more casual styles while forgoing other groups’ elaborate production in favor of more laidback melodies, sing-along lyrics, and head-bopping beats.

ENHYPEN is the latest boyband to emerge from 2020 survival competition show I-Land and created by CJ ENM and HYBE Corporation, home of artists like BTS and Seventeen. Their charisma and ability to tell multidimensional, transformative stories captivated audiences while their name, which derives from hyphen symbol connecting words into new meaning, symbolized this connection with their fans and growth within themselves.

Members hailing from South Korea, Japan, Australia and the US make up this unique band created through BE:LIFT Lab’s joint venture between HYBE and CJ ENM that seeks to equip emerging talent with all of the resources required for success.

O.T.G has quickly made their mark, earning them a position on Billboard’s 2022 K-pop Hot 100 chart at number 10. They have one full record and four mini albums under their belts; many fans enjoy their dynamic choreography and charismatic performances in Western countries as well.

No surprise they’re an international phenomenon; their songs speak of finding strength even in dark times and triumph over hardship. Their connection with fans remains their greatest strength: always grateful for opportunities to meet and greet fans face-to-face and never taking that for granted.

At their performance of “Flicker,” each member took time to thank everyone in attendance for their support – moments like these help you realize they are more than just another boyband to follow, they become your friends!

At ENHYPEN, NI-Ki is clearly the natural leader. His statement that an artist without their fans “isn’t an artist” resonates strongly throughout their album; even as one of their youngest members. His presence can be felt throughout, as his voice carries their songs while also serving as a unique rapper with an effortless flow and deep tone that separates him from other band members. We look forward to what else he brings as ENHYPEN continues building their story and expanding their outreach around the globe.