ENHYPEN have made waves since debuting in November 2020, rapidly becoming one of the highest-selling debut albums ever, earning them numerous rookie of the year awards and amassing over 3 million followers on TikTok alone.

It’s clear why they have made such an impression, with handsome members, natural chemistry and infectious music all playing a role. But what really sets them apart from the competition is their multifaceted storytelling which covers everything from trainee idols transforming into top idols to vampires paralleling humans – through four EPs and one full record to date, seven-member group has created numerous narratives which shed light on growing up as teenagers under scrutiny.

ENHYPEN has developed their own distinct style of pop music with ENHYPEN’s sprawling thematic territory and records featuring relatable themes of identity and self-love that resonate with audiences worldwide. Such an approach may not always be readily found among young K-pop acts with such ambitious aspirations as ENHYPEN who strives to become one of the world’s leading boybands of recent history.

Jungwon, Jake, Niki, Heeseung, Sunghoon and Sunoo first came together through Mnet’s reality competition I-Land (think K-pop superstar survival show with elements of Big Brother). Competing against 23 other hopefuls from Korea, Japan, Australia and more on their search for an idol group, contestants had to develop their skills while facing weekly evaluations from fans, face the threat of elimination – all while managing school, jobs and social lives simultaneously. At last seven members who became known as The GEN-Z community ENGENEs emerged victorious!

As they advance on the charts, DARK BLOOD are creating an alternative sound to K-pop that goes beyond production-heavy songs with manufactured beats to encompass casual yet natural swagger and greater creative engagement. Their fifth album will release on May 22nd and they have sold-out their debut world tour that begins next month – they look set to expand their international footprint even further.

At various points throughout our interview with Sungjae and their members, we discussed their unique form of pop music and what makes them stand apart from other K-pop acts. Below are a few quotes from them that stood out:

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of performing? A: I enjoy watching movies and shopping with my friends. Travel is another passion of mine. Q: Any advice for aspiring artists? A: Just do whatever brings you joy – that is the only surefire way to truly find happiness in life.

Q: What are your goals for the future? A: In the coming years, my plans include releasing more albums and embarking on world tours. Furthermore, I hope to be an inspirational figure for young kids.

ENHYPEN has two new singles coming out: “Bite Me” and “Not for Sale.” Their album DARK BLOOD will be out May 22, followed by a TikTok video showcase.