Sting, at 72 years old, remains an impressive musical force. Singing “Message in a Bottle” by The Police with Joel was truly captivating; Joel also added his warm and powerful vocals on classic hits like Vienna, Only the Good Die Young Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, and Piano Man – making a fantastic duo on this song!

Sting made an appearance during Joel’s set to perform “Big Man on Mulberry Street.” Below are fan-recorded clips.

1. Turn the Lights Back On

Sting and Joel made history when they graced a concert stage together for the first time last week at Tampa. Their playful collaboration is sure to delight fans throughout their tour dates in San Diego, St Louis and San Antonio as well as ending in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium.

All night, more than 20,000 in attendance sang along to every song, creating an electric atmosphere of musical euphoria. The duo brought an exquisite blend of styles that perfectly complimented one another, leaving an indelible mark upon all who witnessed their performance.

Sting’s surprise performance as Joel dueted on his 1981 hit “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” has become the subject of much discussion online and fan footage has circulated widely since then.

2. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Billy Joel may not have produced new pop music in 17 years, but that hasn’t stopped him from keeping busy. This spring and summer he will tour with Stevie Nicks and Sting before taking part in various Madison Square Garden residency dates throughout 2019.

Sting opened his performance by performing “Mbube,” a song co-written with Zulu Solomon Linda who spent his youth guarding cattle in South African bush and working to chase away lions as a job. Linda later died from kidney failure but continued living in a slum, subsisting on corn porridge as sustenance.

Sting embraced this song that celebrates human perseverance with great gusto, giving every number an air of purposeful intent that night.

3. It’s Still Rock & Roll to Me

Joel’s 1980 hit was an arrogant jab at the new generation of music, mocking their fixation on fashion over sound. Its arrangement resembled that of new wave style before transitioning into classic rock ‘n’ roll.

Sting sang it with his signature crooner’s voice, to much cheers from the audience. Additionally, Sting and Joel performed two fan-captured duets of soulful ballads Only the Good Die Young and Scenes From an Italian Restaurant respectively.

Petco Park was packed to capacity as the two superstars delighted their audience with their performance at Petco Park; even a slight drizzle couldn’t dampen anyone’s spirits or mar the memorable musical night that ensued – hopefully the weather will cooperate for their co-headlining dates in Tampa and elsewhere (check out PEOPLE’s full review here).

4. New York State of Mind

Sting and Elton John brought Tampa into a New York State of Mind Saturday night at Raymond James Stadium with their 16-song opening set that showcased structure, balance, and delivery – something all fans were treated to witness for themselves.

The Police star gave his audience plenty of Empire State appreciation during their performance of “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic”, as well as with doo-wop version of Bill Withers classic “Longest Time.” Clips of Brooklyn Bridge appeared onscreen during his rendition of “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song).”

Sting brought his usual panache to classic songs such as “Message in a Bottle”, “Brand New Day” and “Fields of Gold”, while his Arabic-influenced melody in “Desert Rose” seemed especially poignant during times of conflict in the Middle East.

5. Big Man on Mulberry Street

Sting and Joel took turns sharing the stage at Raymond James Stadium for each other’s performances; Sting began his set with “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”, before Joel returned later during his own set to sing ‘Big Man on Mulberry Street” together.

Sting and Joel were two rock icons who delivered stellar performances on the deep cut, with Sting delivering lead vocals while Joel provided backing vocals according to fan videos captured at the concert. It was an unexpected treat at what had already been an unforgettable night of music.

Petco Park was packed to capacity as sold-out audiences remained dancing and singing along through a slight drizzle. Classic songs like Vienna and Only the Good Die Young as well as Sting’s hit “Every Breath You Take” made for an ideal Saturday night event.