UFC (Universal Fighting Championship) is a combat sport which pits fighters from different martial arts against one another in no-holds-barred fights, featuring striking and grappling techniques. If you are new to martial arts, enrolling in an established MMA gym and networking with martial artists are both vital steps toward victory in amateur fights.

Becoming a fearless fighter

The UFC boasts an enviable history in combat sports and an innovative philosophy. Its founders were inspired by ancient hand-to-hand combat techniques when creating this organization, wanting viewers to feel as if they are part of an epic fight when watching one. Technology has played an instrumental role in making this possible: virtual reality headsets allow viewers to feel immersed in all the action!

Royce Gracie, younger brother of tournament co-founder Rorion Gracie, quickly established himself as one of the premier middleweight champions during its early days. His Brazilian Jiu-jitsu utilized various maneuvers designed to even out size differences.

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone has proved himself as a fearless fighter in the UFC. His willingness to step in at short notice, which may explain his continued existence at age 48, and also take on tougher competition as seen with his win against Kajan Johnson on TUF Nations is evidence of that fact.

Enrolling in a reputable MMA gym

As well as developing the necessary physical skills for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), it’s also essential to foster an exceptional mental game. You should feel confident in your abilities, even if an amateur fight does not end successfully; according to research conducted at University of Toronto, MMA may be safer than boxing but does involve blood and pain.

When considering joining an MMA gym, it’s essential that you first establish your goals. Perhaps you are an amateur who wants to get in shape or an advanced fighter looking for competition opportunities; having clarity around this information will allow you to narrow down the available gyms and select one best suited to you.

As your first step, conducting some online recon is the first step in selecting an academy or school. Reading reviews and visiting social media profiles is one way to do this, or watching classes to get a feel for the environment and quality of training available – however nothing beats an in-person visit!


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The Road to UFC is an ongoing series of mixed martial arts (MMA) events held throughout Asia that offers Asian mixed martial artists a chance at contracting with UFC. Each season features numerous episodes that are broadcast live across Asia.

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Becoming a UFC fighter

Becoming a UFC fighter requires more than just physical abilities; it also involves being able to market yourself and connect with potential managers. Establishing an active social media presence is integral in building brand recognition among potential managers – this can especially be helpful for amateur fighters attempting to land an offer with the UFC.

UFC fights are competitive events with strict rules and rules-breaking is forbidden, making physical strength essential in order to compete successfully. To train properly and build strength for UFC competition, practicing plyometric exercises like broad jumps is key in increasing strength as these require the body to balance upon sudden impacts.

Fighters need to fuel their muscles with carb-rich foods in order to maximize performance in the ring and avoid injuries and illnesses. A good fighter should avoid overeating proteins as this may overstimulate muscle fibers and lead to muscle breakdown.