Adele has captured hearts all around the globe with her captivating personality and moving songs, touching lives on every continent. Get to know more about this renowned singer-songwriter as she builds upon her success over time.

Adele had already established herself as an artistic and commercial force by the release of her second album, 21 (2009), dominating charts with hits like Someone Like You and Rolling in the Deep.

What is Adele?

Adele is an award-winning musician known for her extraordinary ability to connect with audiences on an emotional level through her music. Her songs tap into universal feelings such as heartbreak and self-discovery; whether its her sombre piano ballads like “Someone Like You” or empowering anthems like “Rolling in the Deep”, Adele’s music resonates deeply with people worldwide.

Adele didn’t achieve fame through talent shows alone. Instead, she attended the Brit School for Performing Arts & Technology in Croydon and dedicated herself to writing songs of her own composition.

Adele boasts a three octave vocal range and is considered mezzo-soprano. Her repertoire encompasses singing in breathy head voice as well as belting out high notes with power, but her tendency of overusing her chest voice causes pressure on the vocal folds and can damage them; consequently she has had throat surgery twice which forced her to reconsider how she approaches her singing career.

Who is Adele?

Adele, an iconic British singer-songwriter renowned for her powerful vocals and emotive lyrics, has inspired generations of artists worldwide with her music.

Adele stands out among pop artists with her distinct sound. While many of her peers try to imitate popular trends or follow what is popular now, Adele stands out with an authoritative and stately tone.

Adele released her debut album 19, featuring two hit singles – Hometown Glory and Chasing Pavements. This was both critical and commercial success and earned Adele numerous awards and accolades.

Adele stands out in an otherwise standard pop economy where everyone aspires to emulate Michael Jackson or Madonna; her distinctive voice and unique style distinguish her as an original star with true star qualities. Known for her honesty and candidness, which earned her the moniker “Queen of Pop”, Adele manages the pressure associated with fame with grace.

What are Adele’s songs about?

Adele’s songs draw upon personal experience and her lyrics have struck a chord with fans worldwide. Adele is unique as an artist – her voice a remarkable combination of soulful vulnerability with sheer power – her music an exploration of life from heartbreak through to self-love and freedom.

“Rolling in the Deep” became an international smash hit and cemented her status as an artist. Through this straightforward track, she connected with listeners while providing hope to young women experiencing heartache.

Adele explores this deep theme on this stunning 19 track. She celebrates what love feels like when it’s close, yet laments when it leaves – an early look into how broken-heart nostalgia would manifest on 30.

Adele’s heartbreaking ballad “Remedy,” released as an iTunes single in 2012, conveyed her anguish over a failing romance and her struggles with accepting that her once-adored love has long since passed away. The song became an enormous hit and earned Adele her first Grammy win for both Record and Song of the Year awards.

Who is Adele’s manager?

Jonathan Dickins, Adele’s manager has earned an estimated daily pay out of PS27,457 according to UK public financial records. Though she hasn’t released new music since 2015, September Management Ltd appears to be doing extremely well and making profits every day.

Dickins holds assets worth nearly PS30million and has declared outstanding dividends to Companies House. In addition to Adele, their clients include rising trio London Grammar and Grammy-winning producer Paul Epworth.

He shared details of their relationship in a rare live interview and explained that past experience taught them that artists and their management teams must become self-sufficient and not depend on record labels for support.

September Management was established in 2006 and now boasts offices around the globe, representing Jamie T, Tom Vek, Paul Epworth and Lucy Dickins’ sister Lucy as global head of contemporary music & touring at WME as Adele’s agent. September also has deep ties to music via Percy Dickins who cofounded NME & invented singles charts as an early member of his family’s legacy.