Adele is an iconic pop star and the 21st Century’s top selling recording artist, yet she remains relatable as an individual: she rolls into a Beverly Hills restaurant without make-up and laughs out loud when laughing!

Appearances on David Letterman and Ellen set off a wave of downloading and CD purchasing among music executives; their ears perked up at hearing that young Londoners who sang about love could bring in the business.

What is Adele?

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (nee Evans) has become one of the world’s most beloved musicians since. She has won multiple awards – including a Grammy – for her song Skyfall, and her albums have broken and set new records worldwide.

She’s well known for her candid remarks and loves dressing up (her past costumes have included Dolly Parton, June Carter Cash and Titanic). Her fan base consists of predominantly older female fans.

She has been married twice and divorced her second spouse Simon Konecki in 2019. She remains very close with their son from their first union.

How did she get started?

Adele stands out as an exceptional singer – an exceptional prodigy who has the voice that spans generations and genres. While most of Adele’s pop peers sound similar and trendier, Adele sounds timeless.

Adele first came to fame after her demo caught the attention of British independent label XL Recordings, leading her to release her debut album 19, named for her age when recording it, which gave rise to hits like Rolling in the Deep and Chasing Pavements.

What is her music like?

Adele has an astounding vocal range and distinctive writing style, writing songs about topics close to her heart such as heartbreak and relationships.

She is an amazing performer whose music will have you crying tears of happiness. Furthermore, she has gained much acclaim amongst fans worldwide.

Savion has taken advantage of streaming services, making a wise move as she caters to an audience who tends to only purchase one or two new albums each year. Her fourth album 30 chronicles her divorce journey as well as an emotionally stirring journey of soul searching recovery that led her back into art making.

What is her style like?

Adele’s music is emotionally charged, and her vocal range enables her to convey that feeling through lyrics that speak directly to listeners worldwide. Her songs often inspire thought and often strike chords with audiences all around the globe.

She stands out among chart-topping artists by not playing the pop star game as much. She doesn’t boast an avid stan army, her albums don’t receive as much promotion and she typically releases her projects independently.

Her latest album, 30, is an intimate collection of genre-spanning tracks that chronicles her struggle to remain independent after divorce and motherhood. The result is an emotive work sure to capture hearts worldwide.

What is her attitude like?

Adele is well-known for being unashamedly herself and authentic, which has enabled her to inspire audiences worldwide to be themselves. Adele has become an advocate for body positivity and self-acceptance; encouraging fans to embrace their curves while rejecting societal beauty standards.

Her melancholic love songs touch upon universal themes that everyone can relate to. Additionally, she is highly empathic and compassionate allowing her to build meaningful connections with her fans.

Her career is an inspiration to many in an industry which has seen decline over the last decade, showing there is still money to be made from the record business if one knows how to market themselves and their music correctly.

What is her personality like?

Adele exemplifies ENTJ personality in how she pursues her goals with great resolve, never relinquishing pursuit of any goal she sets for herself. Utilizing Introverted Intuition (Ni), Adele uses Ni to visualise how her music could flourish before working tirelessly towards its realization.

She excels at performing and knows exactly how to work a room, while possessing strong social skills and being highly aware of her surroundings.

She proudly embraces her curves and is an advocate of body positivity in the industry. Additionally, she prides herself on making decisions based on principles.

What is her life like?

Adele has an innate talent for making people laugh. Whether she’s talking in an interview or performing in a funny skit, she always manages to bring smiles to everyone’s faces and bring laughter!

Her lyrics on album 21 reflect this experience, especially the song, Someone Like You which talks about being heartbroken and finding new love.

She serves as an example to young musicians looking for success without compromising their artistic integrity.