Adele Laurie Blue Adkins has set off an international wave with her emotive ballads on albums 19 and 21, which have both hit top charts worldwide.

America loves women who can deliver an emotive power ballad without resorting to video spectacle or expensive endorsement deals – and even more so those who do it without having to rely on video spectacle or showy endorsement deals to do it.

What is Adele?

Adele, born and bred in London, has taken the world by storm with her emotive ballads and catchy pop tunes. One of the most successful artists of our era – three albums have sold over one million copies each – Adele has taken a great stride in becoming one of its leading figures in pop music today.

She has an unforgettable, and very relatable style of singing that draws upon personal experiences for inspiration.

Adele stands out from other celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Madonna and Michael Jackson by not relying on elaborate costumes or videos to attract her audience; rather, her fans love her music-focused approach to performing.

Adele hails from a large family on her mother’s side and was close to Doreen Evans, her maternal grandmother. When Adele was two years old, her father Mark Evans left and hasn’t returned since then. Today Adele has become one of the world’s best-selling recording artists with multiple awards to her name including an Academy Award and Grammy for her song Skyfall.

Who is Adele?

Adele has sold millions of albums worldwide and become one of the world’s premier singers. Known for her emotive vocals and traditionally composed songs, she remains one of today’s most beloved performers.

She kicked off her music career in 2008 with the release of her debut album 19, which became an enormous hit due to hit singles such as ‘Chasing Pavements’ and ‘Make You Feel My Love’. Within a year of its release she won six Grammy Awards and two Brit Awards, cementing herself as an industry powerhouse.

Adele released 25 in 2015 and took more risks by writing candidly about her personal struggles – something which resonated strongly with fans and critics alike. While Adele already has one son with former partner Simon Konecki, in 2022 she revealed she would like more children with sports agent Rich Paul and has since been seen together at NBA games as well as romantic getaways.

How did Adele get her start?

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins hails from Tottenham in north London and attended the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology in Croydon. At 16 she wrote her debut single ‘Hometown Glory’ which she gave to a friend to post online via MySpace; that resulted in being noticed and ultimately earning her a record deal.

Adele made her television debut on Later with Jools Holland in 2007. Subsequent appearances on Ellen DeGeneres Show and David Letterman show sealed Adele’s success across America.

Adele’s second album 21 was an enormous success and her latest release 25 is poised to do the same. Adele stands out in an oversaturated pop music economy where every artist sounds like their next big thing; her music stands apart due to being dignified yet stately; cutting across demographics. Adele gives hope in an industry which has experienced its value halve since its peak a decade ago; she represents its survival.

What makes Adele so special?

Adele is the kind of singer that can bring tears to any eyes, effortlessly conveying even the most complex emotions with just a few notes. From mourning someone dearly missed to anxiety attacks, Adele knows exactly how to bring you through them all.

She is known for her extraordinary voice in pop music, but that isn’t all she offers her fans. Being relatable and personal are just as key for connecting with fans as being sublime with singing ability.

At 30 she pushed herself beyond her comfort zone to create something uniquely her. The resulting album of ballads and dance-floor anthems reflect her experience after divorce and soul searching, drawing rave reviews across the board.