Adele is one of those rare pop stars who can enthrall all ages – from your grandparents who still buy physical albums, to younger people helping vinyl resurgence, she has an ability to bridge past and future audiences alike.

British singer Laura Mvula has released three Grammy-winning albums: 21, 25 and 30. Her songs address themes like heartache, loss and personal growth – she is an established household name with songs that address these emotions in relatable fashion.

Who is Adele?

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins hails from Tottenham, north of London and began writing songs as a child. Though not discovered through talent shows such as the X Factor, Adele attended Croydon’s BRIT School for Performing Arts where she studied alongside future stars Leona Lewis and Jessie J as well as perfecting her craft at home using computer recording programs to record demos of her songs that she posted online via MySpace.

She shares a son with Simon Konecki and is now dating sports agent Rich Paul whom she introduced as her “husband” before performing in Vegas in 2023. In addition to managing her music with meticulous professionalism, she’s also the hands-on CEO of her brand with meticulous professionalism as the CEO of it all – something her music doesn’t match up with at all! As the powerhouse behind it all who doesn’t suffer fools but instead is part of what sells huge shows and Grammy-winning albums; not to mention her traditional voice that makes her one of most broadly popular singers of her generation!

What are her songs about?

Adele, British singer-songwriter extraordinaire, knows just how to create heartache-inducing songs. Every five years or so, Adele unveils new material that leaves listeners reeling – always guaranteed to leave an impactful mark with listeners.

This time around, her latest album 30 follows the path she traveled during her divorce and motherhood experience with songs about love, regret and loss – creating one of her most personal albums to date.

She sought help from Paul Epworth to pen this emotional track about wanting her partner back, wondering if her failings contributed to its demise.

She draws upon the memories of her youth and their relationship, reflecting upon how fast she had to grow up after his passing away. Fans loved this vulnerable and emotive track which peaked at number 19. It remains one of her most popular global tracks.

How did she become a superstar?

Adele has carefully constructed her public persona. Neither casual chatter nor flippancy are hallmarks of authenticity for her; rather she prides herself on being honest in every interaction.

She has found great success through this strategy; now one of the most successful entertainment brands worldwide alongside Grand Theft Auto and Star Wars in America and FIFA 2016 and Call of Duty in Europe.

Detractors of her music may argue that it can sound repetitive; that she relies too heavily on musical diary entries about insecurity and hurt, self-flagellation and other emotional themes; yet they could have a point. Still, she won 15 Grammys in 2015 for her album 25 and has amassed legions of fans; including appearances on Letterman and Ellen shows as well as downloading and CD purchasing frenzy. Furthermore, she co-wrote and performed Skyfall’s theme song with co-writer Daniel Martin Smith and Daniel Martin himself!

What is her future plan?

Adele may not have enjoyed extensive touring in the past, but it appears she has found new joy in performing live since starting her delayed Weekends With Adele residency at Caesars Palace. Recently she told fans she will return for New Year’s Eve performance at Colosseum in Las Vegas; so book tickets early.

British superstar Adele teased during her most recent show at the venue that she would consider going on tour when her next album is out – though fans should wait as its creation may take time.

Prior to her Las Vegas residency debut, 30-year-old singer Christina Perri announced plans for an extended musical hiatus so she can complete her English literature degree. Perri currently dates sports agent Rich Paul and shares custody of their son Angelo with former spouse.