There is no shortage of K-pop boy bands vying to take over, but few are rising so quickly as ENHYPEN. Since debuting last November in I-Land’s Making the Band style reality show and earning “New Artist of the Year” honors less than two months later at Gaon Chart Music Awards, they have completed sold out world tours, attended Milan Fashion Week and made headlines at major festivals worldwide.

Young groups like ENHYPEN have accomplished much, but especially young ones like ENHYPEN — where members are barely 20-years old — yet remain true to themselves despite numerous milestones and opportunities that have come their way. Firm believers in amor fati, the Latin phrase for ‘love of fate” or “destiny,” they embrace this philosophy through songs like those found on their latest mini album called Dark Blood from Seoul-based band.

As the inaugural installment in ENHYPEN’s Blood series, ‘Dark Blood’ marks a return to their story-driven origins. From their debut EP Manifesto: Day 1 through last year’s repackage album Dimension: Answer, the septet has delivered multidimensional tales that transcend music alone; their tales explore everything from ingenues’ journeys towards idol status all the way through to how fame often does not live up to expectations; drawing parallels between regular people and vampires alike.

As its title indicates, this septet draws inspiration from mythical creatures with its latest release ‘Dark Blood.’ Through a collection of dark yet romantic ballads showcasing pop, R&B and hard rock elements the album conveys this sense of renewal.

No matter the song — be it a pop anthem like “Blind” or a more melancholic ballad like “Blessed-Cursed,” each feels genuine and honest; something which puts their international ensemble – made up of members from Korea, Australia and Japan-born members Jungwon, Jake Heeseung Jay Sunghoon — in an ideal position to continue climbing global charts.

Early this month, they opened up their second world tour in Los Angeles before an arena full of Engenes – fans that follow them and wear black outfits with red motifs inspired by their recent mini-album – wearing black clothes with red motifs as an aesthetic. Between songs, Heeseung commented to his audience “an artist without their fans is not an artist”, before they sang back the lyrics with him and the rest of their bandmates in response – reflecting their belief that without dedicated support they wouldn’t have achieved what they have accomplished – ready for what’s ahead.