3ICE Hockey provides fans with an unforgettable ice hockey experience. Featuring three-on-three format, half-ice rinks, star-studded teams and cutting edge rules that promise exciting matches, it brings the game directly to fans across North America via tour schedule.

Each game in this league consists of two eight-minute halves with a continuous clock. Penalties have been replaced by penalty shots; any time a puck crosses back over the center red line without interference, it counts as a turnover and will result in penalties being assessed accordingly.

It’s the best part of hockey

3ICE remains confident it can turn a profit during Year 2, despite initial costs related to facilities, travel and prize money for its inaugural season. Johnston is an executive at IMG, Getty Images and Fox Sports as well as son of an NHL player; and believes its tournament format and robust offense will create an attractive market for sports wagering.

Teams comprised of six players and one goalkeeper compete in two eight-minute halves with a running clock, creating an attractive tournament format and encouraging fast-paced football action.

Rink Hockey offers an excellent alternative to traditional hockey, and even better than your typical NHL game. Not only can players enjoy spectacular saves; there is even an exciting “jailbreak” penalty shot where shooter has an early advantage against other skaters which makes for much more thrilling gameplay! But while playing these exciting and exhausting games may be enjoyable and engaging experiences.

It’s a tournament

3ICE is an all-star league featuring teams consisting of former NHL players as well as emerging talent. Games take place on half-sized rinks to allow for faster-paced action and allow fans to see some of their former favorites play again! 3ICE also gives fans an exciting way to see old favourites back in action again.

On Saturday, four teams competing in the inaugural Patrick Cup Championship tournament concluded in Las Vegas. Tournaments consist of two eight-minute periods with running clocks that feature four games each night for six 3ICE teams traveling around to each tour stop and competing in single elimination brackets featuring three first round matches, two semifinal contests, and finally the title match.

Games featuring innovative rules such as on-the-fly changeovers and penalty shots for all penalties can provide for almost no faceoffs and the puck can even be played off netting draped behind end board glass to protect fans. Basketball-esque “half court rules” exist here too: any team that brings back across center red line without receiving defensive interference calls is penalized with a turnover.

It’s a celebration

After nine weeks of thrilling, exhilarating and often-inventive hockey action, 3ICE’s inaugural season came to a close this weekend in Las Vegas with The Patrick Cup being lifted aloft by its champions – no small feat for a start-up league dedicated to providing fans with “pure, unadulterated excitement”.

The six-team tournament holds one-day events across several cities and features two eight-minute halves with an eight-minute running clock, only stopping for penalties or injuries. Teams include both NHL players as well as minor leaguers with coaches serving on their rosters.

Johnston noted this year he was pleased by how quickly the players accepted the concept of winning real money from wins in games, increasing intensity with each check received for wins. Johnston observed how good goaltending has become essential to team success – an observation which he thinks the NHL may take notice of; additionally he anticipates 3-on-3 hockey being adopted into Olympic competition.

It’s a competition

3ICE Hockey features six teams of professional ice hockey players competing in nine-week tournaments at various tour stops across North America. Every tournament includes two eight-minute periods with running clock and no power plays – games are played on half-ice rinks for an increased pace and skill in play.

3ICE recently hosted tournaments at NHL-sized arenas in Pittsburgh, Nashville and Quebec City as well as smaller venues in Denver, Grand Rapids, Hershey and London – each boasting high-quality locker rooms staffed with NHL trainers for an authentic pro experience.

The league features several innovative rules designed to make watching more thrilling, such as player changes happening without stoppages and any penalties leading to penalty shots. Their goal is to bring hockey fans pure, unadulterated excitement. Their teams boast both older minor-leaguers with NHL experience as well as emerging young talents.